Firstly, you can relax, we’ll help you fix it.

We need you to upgrade your browser (the program you’re using to browse the web) to its latest version, or switch to a modern browser.

The latest versions of all modern browsers, such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge will work fine. Click on the link for your browser and follow the instructions there.

Why is this happening?

Your browser connects to our website using a protocol called HTTPS, which is supposed to provide a secure connection to stop anyone viewing or altering the data. This standard has evolved over time, but earlier versions of it have been shown to have security vulnerabilities. Newer, more secure versions of the standard have been supported by the latest browsers for several years. However, older browsers such as yours do not support the latest versions, and so are vulnerable to attacks.

All websites that take payments (not just Recon) are required to block older, insecure browsers by June 2018, and some payment providers will block access earlier. Even for sites that don’t take payments, in the interests of security and privacy they should eventually block access.

For your own security and privacy, and to avoid losing access to large numbers of websites, you need to upgrade or stop using your existing browser.

Your Questions Answered

When will I stop being able to use Recon?

We will stop you being able to fully access the website earlier than the deadline in order that you are able to still see this help article.

From June 2018 your browser will not connect to Recon at all so it is imperative that you upgrade now.

Wait! How do I know what to do?

Click on the icon of your browser and we will redirect you to their upgrade page. Follow the instructions there.