COMPETITION: Recon’s taking fetish to the streets of London!

COMPETITION: Recon’s taking fetish to the streets of London!

from Recon News

11 January 2016

Throughout the month of January those of you who live in, or are visiting London might notice the streets of the UK's capital have got a fair bit kinkier with our new advertising campaign. And we want you to make it even kinkier still!

Across areas of central London you'll be seeing Recon adverts on phone boxes in 11 different locations. We're setting you the challenge of having your picture taken in as many locations as possible. For every Recon phone box you find, get a picture of yourself with it, post the pic on twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #Reconphonebox, include @ReconNews (twitter)/@Reconfetish(Instagram), the location and your Recon username and we'll give you a month's free premium membership*!

But wait! There's more! If you're wearing fetish gear in the pictures we'll give you two months free premium membership for every phone box! This means you could win full access to the men of Recon for up to 22 months!

So what're you waiting for! Take your fetish to the streets!

*Premium membership will added to your profile at the close of the competition on 1 February 2016