Recon Improvements – New Photo Galleries

Recon Improvements – New Photo Galleries

from Recon News

10 February 2015

As part of the next phase of our ongoing improvements the Recon site we've made changes to the look and functionality of the Events Photo Galleries.

If you go to the Galleries section on the website, you'll see that the thumbnail images have now been tidied up and made to fit together more neatly. This page is now also responsive, and the gallery will change dimensions to fit the size of your window.

Once you select to view the images you will now be able to swipe through them on a mobile device browser, or use the arrow tabs if on a computer. You will also notice that in the top right of the screen on the website there is now a '+' button. If you select this, the picture on the page will be saved in your Favourite Photos gallery, for you to view at your leisure!

Though these are fairly small changes, they're all part of our commitment to improving the Recon experience for our members (i.e. make it easier for you all to access hot, sleazy pics).