MEMBER ARTICLE: Fetish relationship - corium101 & AndyRed

MEMBER ARTICLE: Fetish relationship - corium101 & AndyRed

from Recon News

21 October 2018

By Recon member corium101

When Andy and I met, it looked like it'd be the craziest of kink relationships. Sub/dom sleazeball meets fist friendly fucker. On paper, the nastiest of combinations, in the best possible way. And let me tell you, it is. Just not in the way you'd expect.

I've always been a firm believer that Kink is about connection. Strip away the gear, the playrooms and the fantasies and Kink is about two people sharing an intense connection, based on trust and exploration. So, the connection between Andy and I is what has moulded our kinky relationship. It's made me discover new things, question my whole outlook on my kinks and try many new things.

Now, I'm a top, and generally a Dom. I switch occasionally, but I'm primarily a "Dom Top". Andy is a sub. But our whole relationship has turned this dynamic topsy turvy. Tying Andy up is fun. But I don't have the urge to gag him and whip him the same way I'd play with one of my regular subs. I'd much rather put him on his back, and work his ass, and watch the intensity on his face. I find this far more intimate and kinky. What is happening to me, I thought? I could almost dispense with the rubber and handcuffs altogether. Crazy.

But by the same token, we decided to go out in full rubber gear one night. We cooked a cute dinner, and then began the ritual of getting into rubber. Vivishine, silicone lube, and the twang of skin-tight latex were the flavour of the evening. We got into gear, harnesses, boots, collars and rubber. We paraded through north London to the tube, and then headed to Vauxhall. And it was surreal. He made me feel invincible, we were like superheroes. I had completely lost any self-consciousness. He was my sidekick. And I was proud of him. Who cares what anyone else thinks? And that was amazingly liberating.

So, I guess, to summarise, I'd say that having your significant other as a partner on the fetish scene is brilliant fun. But it has challenged my perceptions and my sexuality massively. It's shown me a completely new side to kink sex. A more intimate side. So next time you're pulling on your fisting gloves, or slipping into your chaps, try something new. Try something you'd never considered. Because just when you think you know it all, someone else will blow your mind.

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