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26 January 2018

For Recon member JRubberCub, we had a few questions about his fetish tastes and the new group he's formed, Rubbermen of London. Here's what he had to say:

Tell us what fetish means to you

Fetish to me is predominantly about sex. I love the social side of the scene - getting to know people, having fun, seeing new places, and having interesting conversations, but at the end of the day, it's the sex side that keeps me at it. It's one of the things I was really keen to inject back into the UK Rubber scene with Rubbermen of London.

Tell us what your main fetishes are

Rubber first and foremost of course! I hardly ever play without it. Everything from the smell to the sound it makes turns me on. I love everything from skintight full suits to big heavy dry suits and more industrial gear. A jock doesn't cut it for me, it's got to be a full suit, or as close as you can get!
I'm just as happy relaxing in rubber and making out as I am in the midst of a hardcore group session – as long as there is rubber, I'm enjoying myself! I also have a huge thing for Bikers, Lycra and Wetsuits, especially the slick smooth skin ones!

Tell us how you first got a taste for fetish

I realized rubber turned me on before I knew I was gay. I got my first rubber and had my first session at 16. I went to my first fetish event at 18 – which was actually one of the summer Full Fetishes, and started going regularly to Rubber Reunion and Gummi soon after. I count myself really lucky as I met a lot of great friends in those early years of discovery who taught me a lot about the scene and its history, which has helped shape me into the rubber man I am today.

Tell us about Rubbermen of London

Rubbermen of London is a group I started up towards the end of last year. My friends Dom and Simon help run it, and its centered on a closed Facebook group (search for us!). It was born from frustration at how lacking the London scene was compared to Manchester. I wanted to make a group that encouraged people to hook up, and promote all the proper rubber/rubber friendly nights available in the capital - for example we are pushing RUT and SoP in the first weekend of February, and we hold Pre-Recon Party socials at the Eagle.

Manchester has absolutely nailed the social side to the scene, and whilst I love those nights out up there, they are more social due to the lack of sex venues or licences in the village, so you don't have the sex element (Manchester Rubber Weekend excluded) that we can in London. It's just like a big night out with your pals, getting drunk and dancing. What I missed was the dark and sleazy side to the scene. Before I launched RoL, I had a conversation with Alex, who runs MRM, to get his advice about it. I said to him that I wanted RoL to be like MRM's dirty little brother – you go to Manchester for a huge social, get to know people and make connections, and then you come to London to fuck them all. They can't have the sex nights we have here, and we can't do the bar crawls they do there, so it's better for us to work together, rather than compete, and that's hugely important to me. As well as the Facebook group, we also have a night at the Backstreet every two months.

Tell us what to expect from a Rubbermen of London night

It was never really our intention with RoL to do our own nights, it kind of happened by happy accident! Brew Hunter – who runs Mastery at The Backstreet amongst others - approached me about doing a launch night as they had an upcoming Friday free. We ended up organizing the night and throwing all the promo together in less than two weeks, and it turned out to be a huge success. I was hoping for maybe around 40/50 to come, and we had over 110 guys through the door. The atmosphere was great, and there were some ridiculously hot guys there, all in really incredible gear – definitely more a full suit and gloves vibe than a jock and harness one, which is definitely more in line with what we want! The feedback was really positive too, with the general consensus being that is was a really friendly and horny night where you felt comfortable to have a conversation at the bar, or get fucked by 3 guys in the dark area. Also, because of the venue limitations, we can't have photographers or anything like that, so it's like a throwback to the older or anonymous fetish nights of years gone by, which will hopefully attract back a sleazier, kinky crowd, who just want to gear up, and hook up.

Tell us about what fetish plans you have coming up

First up we have the 2nd Rubbermen of London night at The Backstreet on the 2nd of February, which I can't wait for and should be loads of fun. We have guys from all over Europe coming to this one so it's gonna be one not to miss!

After that I'm going to be heading to Antwerp to compete in Mr Rubber Europe - which is slightly nerve wracking. I wanted to enter to show that even if you're not slim or muscular, you can wear rubber and be proud of it. I want to try to represent all the guys who ever struggled with their confidence and who think they aren't good looking or slim enough to partake in the fetish scene. Confidence has been a huge uphill journey for me, and one I've written about a lot on my blog ARubberPerspective, so I hope I can do this to shine a spotlight on guys that aren't the typical rubber guy you see on posters and in promos, and show everyone that all shapes and sizes can wear rubber and own it.

After Antwerp I'll probably be found at various events around Europe, I really want to get over some of the nights in Spain and Italy later in the year, as well of Folsom of course. I'm also going to try and write more on my aforementioned blog - I would love it to be more interviews and articles going forward as opposed to just my opinions. And, of course, I'm going to focus on building Rubbermen of London up more, working with bars and brands do some interesting stuff and make rubber more prominent down here, which I'm sure will include a Pre-Recon Rubber Party social again during Fetish Week!

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