Our favourite fisting Featured Member cutscut says FFarewell

Our favourite fisting Featured Member cutscut says FFarewell

from Recon News

28 October 2015

Well, he's been a delight to chat to and one hell of a filthy fucker, so it's with heavy heart we say goodbye to Featured Member cutscut. We checked in with him one final time to see if he had any parting words, and here's what he had to say:

'And so it comes to an end, Recon Featured Member: October 2015. The daily ritual of logging on to Recon has been even more of a pleasure this month. Each and every day has been met with new faces and accompanying messages. I just hope I haven't become too narcissistic from all this love sent my way. However, just like every "International Mr Leather" champion does, I too will pass the honour of Recon Featured Member to the next kinkster, who will undoubtedly also stir up some trouble in fetish-land. A special thanks has to go to the team at Recon for embracing who we are as a community every day, and selecting me to be the voice of you the people this month. It has been a privilege to represent all the fetishists from Australia, and I hope it's not too long before I see another Aussie featured on Recon. To all the fisters and fistees out there, keep having a HOLE lot of fun, share that love of ass all 'round, and enjoy challenging your limits (don't forget to let me join in on the fun too). Thanks for the cruises, thanks for the messages... but most of all thanks for always continuing to be the filthiest community out there.'

Our advice to anyone living or visiting Sydney, you be sure to get in touch with him! A good time will be had by all.

If you'd like to apply to be Featured Member send your Recon username to: social@recon.com