Fetish Week - Bondage Masterclass Details

Fetish Week - Bondage Masterclass Details

from Recon Events

05 July 2016

We're excited to announce that top BDSM experts, The Wolfpack, will be leading this year's Bondage Masterclass for Fetish Week London. On Tuesday 12 July there'll be something new to learn, no matter what your skill level. Then you can put it into practice with the other kinky men in attendance.

Here's a rundown of the different classes taking place:

BEGINNER (40 minutes) starting at 8:30pm
+ Intro and general health and safety notes
+ 2 fundamental knots
+ Basic wrap (See fig. A), step by step

*Rope requirement: 1x 4m per wrap

INTERMEDIATE (90 mins) from 9:10pm
+ Straight line chest harness with restrained biceps (See fig. B), step by step
+ Double slipknot cage harness, with secured arms behind the back, step by step

*Rope requirement: 1x 8-12m per harness (depending on person size)

ADVANCED (50 mins) from 10:40pm, ending at 11:30pm
+ A combination of the above basic wraps (beginner) and harnesses (intermediate), step by step
(See fig.C)
+ Wrap up

*Rope requirement: 1x 8-12m for harness (depending on person size) + 2x 4m for 2 wraps

Rope will be provided, but we recommend guys bring their own if they'd like to follow along with the demonstrations.

To get tickets, select the link below: