INTERVIEW: We learn about the life of kinky couple Cuirlatex75003

INTERVIEW: We learn about the life of kinky couple Cuirlatex75003

from Recon News

17 February 2017

Recon: Hi guys
What's the best thing about being a kinky couple?

Julien: In a sense, it is a way to add spice in our relationship and remain attractive to each other. We share our fetish and it helps us to pay attention to each other, making kinky sex a game.

Stéphane: It reinforces us as a couple and our connection, due to us sharing the same kinky desires and enjoying the same types of play.

R: Did you know from the beginning of your relationship about the other's fetish tastes, or did you discover together?

J: I have to confess, I was not into fetish when we met (even if I had a look on Recon website once before…). Stephane was a biker and after several weeks, he made me discover the pleasure of wearing leather when biking. He confessed to me about his leather fetish and I was a little bit afraid first. But after several months wearing a pair of Stéphane's leather trousers, I enjoyed it more and more. And one year after we met, Stephane offered me my first pair of leather chaps in Berlin. After that, we discovered together other fetishes. We spent lots of time in fetish shops in Paris, Berlin or London, and now, our cupboards are full!

S: Julien was not into fetish scene when we met 12 years ago, but I was already into leather and biker. He discovered biking with me and then discovered leather. In the following years, we discovered together other fetish tastes with individual orientations.

R: You both seem to be into lots of different things. What would you say is your favourite type of fetish gear, and why?

J: As far as I am concerned, my favorite fetish is leather. I love to feel the warm contact on my skin. Moreover, most of the time, men in leather really look masculine and it turns me on…

S: My favorite type of fetish gear is, without contest, rubber. Even more than my first love, leather ;-)
Rubber is really a second skin, more than leather, because more stuck to your body. In a way, there is a mix between disappearing behind this other skin, and getting dressed in a perfect, tailor made suit. When someone is touching you through rubber, you can feel the warm contact of the their skin. Finally this is my look : shiny, black, and mysterious!

R: And what are your favourite types of kinky play with what kind of men?

J: I really like masculine tops in leather or sports gear. I love nipple play and poppers with a direct guy - especially when I'm wearing a leather jockstrap and harness or backless singlet. It's easier for ass play with dildoes, plugs or FF…and off course, a large cock! In facts, lots of things are possible if the guy knows what he wants and plays safe.

S: Play in rubber is my favourite, because it might be combined with many others : CBT, Bondage, mummification, Breath control, Domination by a master, FF, and always safe. That means masculine top guys, of course.

R: Are there any types of fetish gear or play that you were surprised to discover the other was into?

J: Through the year, it was quite surprising discovering Stephane was attracted to breath control and total submission…

S: The student overpassed the teacher in FF. He loves that.

R: Do you always play with other guys together, or do you sometimes play individually?

J: It depends on the guys and on our mood. Since we are together, it is a game watching the other taking some pleasure with other guys when we play. And when playing separately, we tell everything to each other after and it's quite fun to imagine my man offering himself to another. It's a good way to imagine new games after that…

S: It depends on the guys, the play scene and our wishes. When all conditions are gathered, yes we are playing together, because we get a real complicity in threesomes. If not, … ;-))

R: What's your favourite thing about the fetish scene in Paris?

J: Even if we do not go there very often, it is funny to go to the bar La Mine with friends wearing leather. For kinky parties, the Full Metal or the Keller are the best places. And thanks to fetish associations or gay fetish sponsors, big fetish events take place several times a year in Paris now.

S: The fetish scene in Paris is currently developing itself. Huge fetish parties and events appeared a few years ago, and it makes Paris more attractive for fetish guys. What I like is that you can always find in Paris a place where you can practice your fetish thing. I like the rubber parties organized by MEC and international meetings from ASMF.

R: Will you be attending any other fetish events around the world?

J: We are waiting for the next Recon party in Paris! As far as we are concerned, we will go to Berlin in March and hope to enjoy the rubber party in the Lab.Oratory. After that, nothing planned yet…

S: I will be attending to the next Recon Party in Paris in March, the 25th, and to a rubber party at the LAB in Berlin on the 18th of March, and for the rest of 2017, I don't have my timetable yet.

R: Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to our member?

J: Assume your fetish! And do not stay behind your screen! Go out with your fetish gear for dates or parties. Not only in London, Amsterdam, Antwerp or Berlin… Even in Paris! Have more fetish fun!

S: The most important thing is the pleasure you can get from your fetishes. Don't be ashamed of it and be respectful of your partners in your practices, even in SM. Have fun!

You can chat to both Julien and Stéphane using their shared profile, Cuirlatex75003, using the below link.

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