Fetish Problems #9: Cock pierced and padlocked

Fetish Problems #9: Cock pierced and padlocked

from Recon News

15 May 2017

A fetish misadventure from Recon member Bringinthegimp

I've recently had an 'experience' where I had some issues with a padlock. It played out like this...

I got my Prince Albert (PA) done in mid-January. One of the better Christmas presents I've gotten. It was from my Master. I got a 4 gauge (5mm) full ring 'captive'. All was well. The healing went fine and I was fighting fit after two weeks. The one pitfall was that it negated the effectiveness of my chastity. It made it incredible uncomfortable. Painful more often than not. My Holy Trainer V2 Chastity device became redundant, and I hated having it off. No luck either with the silver CB6000, nor the birdcage. Master came to the conclusion that it was the ring and ball that were too big, but not impossible to fix.

So, after an outing with Master to the hardware store, we came home with a new multi tool and altered the Holy Trainer. Creating a hole for the ball to slide in and out as need be. Not the permanent caged dicklette we were hoping for, but a temporary solution, or so we thought. The pain stayed. And the cage did not remain on long.

My cock was free for a while longer. And I hated it. It SHOULD be locked up. So, Master went shopping again and has made a leather chastity jock strap a part of my 'uniform'. Collar, harness and the new strap. Life's good. Now that the healing of the PA had gone so well, it was time to change to something more practical. I booked in for the changeover, picked out an open ring and had it swapped. A perfect fit!

However... as shiny and as pretty as it was, it wasn't put on tight enough. One of the balls came loose as I slept, chained to the bed next to Master. It fell out overnight and the hole began to close. We tried everything to put it back in that morning. Even pulling out the sounding kit to stretch it out again (poor me).

It didn't work. I had picked up another shift at work so had to go for what would turn out to be a 14-hour day. I booked in to see the piercer again the next day as soon as they opened. A couple of hours later they rang me and said I needed to get in ASAP. I was not reassured about my predicament. Alas, during the day, I had to go to the toilet to use the sounding rods to keep the hole open. Then Master had a brain wave. Putting a padlock through it to keep it open until my appointment. What could possibly go wrong!

Master dropped it off. It was heavier than the ring but better than nothing. After my shift, I came home and cleaned it in saline solution, and thus began the comedy of errors....

I had stayed out at a friend's that night, woke up a few hours before my appointment and tried to take the padlock off. 'Tried' being the operative word. The key wouldn't turn. Then, the panic set in. The image of the piercer scratching his head while he tried to take it off flashed before me, then a picture of me in an Emergency Department giving the nurses something to laugh at. Oh joy!

I texted Master and said I'm on my way to the hardware store to buy some bolt cutters. Fortunately, Master painted a very vid picture for me. That of a flattened, sharpened metal shard being pulled through my urethra. No thanks. I settled on some lubricating oil. And it worked. Marginally. The key turned, but the padlock remained closed. Locked through the end of my dick head. Suddenly the Emergency Department was looking very likely.

But! Master to the rescue! He drove an hour to get to me. We met at his office in the city. We got in easy enough. Then the alarm went off. Sirens blaring, deafening both of us. Great! Why not get a couple of firefighters involved? They had jaws of life, right?

Master got the alarm sorted and had me strip for an inspection. Just as we heard the elevator moving. A lovely lady walked in just as I finished getting dressed again. Lucky timing more than anything, but Master had no luck with the padlock. My appointment time is encroaching ever closer. Only 1 hour left.

The Odyssey continues... [sigh]. Back in the car, and back to the hardware store. One saving grace was watching two pretty twinks fighting over a pot plant, but I digress. We left with two more additions to the tool box. Some needle nose and broad plyers. Back in the car, back to the office but Masters work chum was still there. So, we stayed in the car park. I stripped, again and Master had me turn the key. He positioned the plyers, tugged and CLICK!


Just in time for my appointment, so Master dismissed me, drove home and I went to the piercer. I walked in. He jumped right up and took me into the studio. I pulled the open ring out of the small zip lock bag and put them down. He tried to put it in a few times and it was painful. Really fucking painful. Ten times more - at least - than the original piercing (and that's coming from a pain slut). I was quite vocal. Cusses, curses and profanities were uttered and yelled in abundance. No luck either. Fuck.

He said he'll put me back in the captive for a couple of weeks, so he went to get it out of the bag....

'Fucking Jesus! I wasn't expecting to see a padlock' he says.

'Oh yeah... that. That's a whole other story' says me. I'd completely forgotten I'd left the padlock in the bag. Sigh.

After a lengthy pause, he shrugged and said 'Sweet. Good stuff.'

I bled a bit, but he cleaned me up and I walked out, through a full shop of very worried looking patrons. So now I'm back where I started. Tender, uncaged and wearing a full ring. But hey.... as Master said to me when I got home and was back groveling under his feet...

It's quite easy to lose perspective when there's a padlock stuck through your dick ;P


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