MEMBER ARTICLE: The fascination of electro play

MEMBER ARTICLE: The fascination of electro play

from Recon News

22 December 2017

By Recon member bounder

Both as a Dom and a sub, electro is my favorite type of play within BDSM. I'm sometimes surprised that not more guys are into it - I even encountered one top who thought it was "boring" - so I hope that sharing why this is such a unique and exciting technique will win it some more fans! :-)

I really got into SM five years ago - I had that urge for pain (rather than being dominated with just "symbolic" pain), and even though I'd never experienced electro at that point, I had an intuitive urge to try it. I think a major attraction of electro is that it doesn't cause tissue damage - with whips and canes I worry about marks; with gut punching I worry about internal injuries (it probably didn't help that I read the story of the escape artist Harry Houdini who had died from a gut punch) - but electro is clean and invisible, it just causes pain. (Well, in the meanwhile I've learned that really advanced stuff such as cranks and cattle prods produce heat, so slight burns are possible, but this still isn't serious and will disappear in a few days)

As a sub, electro offers an almost unlimited variety of sensations. The electro boxes are great because they let you choose all kind of different programs - some actually feel so good that I can cum from them. (An electrified chastity cage really fails its purpose on me! ;-) ) More importantly, the dials let the top increase intensity very gradually with immense precision - top-line models such as the ET312 literally go from 0 to 100 in 1-point steps. Knowing that nothing can break, I can let myself fall completely into the experience of the pain, and as the pain reaches excruciating levels, my brain releases all those lovely happiness hormones intended to help me make it through the situation. It is very different from, say, whipping, where the intensity of the strikes can have a lot of variability - if the tip of the whip unintendedly strikes a particularly sensitive spot, the pain level can easily exceed my pain limit by such a high margin that I fall out of the role, while other strikes may be too weak to provoke a strong sensation. Electro can take me with almost surgical precision to amazing heights, allowing me to cross perceived limits and become completely "flying" as one of my regular tops describes it. Woof!

Cranks and cattle prods are, of course, a whole different level. The sheer sight causes fear - the cattle prod is particularly scary with its long stick and two "horns", like an electric devil. The sound of the sparks is like a snake sneering at you and causes shudders. Yet, if I manage to relax and melt into the moment, submitting to the pain without resistance, the bite is surprisingly tolerable - I've been able to take 500 shocks in a row! Field telephone cranks can be even nastier than cattle prods - the pain increases with the speed and duration of the cranking, and I definitely have had a couple of sessions I would not like to repeat. At the same time, these moments are what really grows and develops you as a sub - the ability to submit to this level of pain is a quite valuable life skill! If I'm dealing with a situation that threatens to freak me out, I just imagine one of my tops with a cattle prod or crank in front of me, and suddenly I can calm down again.

As a top, I likewise love my electro gear. First of all, I like that I have such precise control - if everything is properly set up, there is zero risk of accidentally injuring the sub, and I can control the intensity very precisely to match the sub's abilities and also to push him slowly to and above his limits. Second, as the electro box really does all of the work, I actually can focus all of my attention on the sub - observe him squirm, watch his body move in agony. There is nothing greater than kissing a sub in pain. With an ET312 set in ramp-up mode, the pain will slowly rise higher and higher and you feel like the sub is sinking into complete submission and finds solace in your caressing while suffering what may become pretty serious pain (of course all within pre-agreed limits). Woof woof woof!

You can also devise evil predicaments playing with electro shocks. Predicaments are carefully constructed bondage positions where the sub has only a very limited range of motion, and very devilishly, that limited range of motion leaves the sub only the choice between two different but equally painful positions. For example, if you need to keep your legs raised, they will start to hurt after a while, and at some point, you will want to lower them and rest them on the floor, but if lowering your legs brings your feet into contact with a piece of metal that closes a circuit with your balls creating an electric shock. You're facing a really tough choice, and you'll go back and forth between raising your legs and lowering them in exhaustion. Huge fun if you're a hard-core masochist or sadist, and living hell if not...

Finally, electro satisfies my inventive side. You can not only buy a ton of different electrodes, but you also can create your own toys. I have successfully added electro to some of my favorite toys, such as the metal spikes of a ball crusher - it can be seen in my CBT gallery.

I'm always on the look-out for truly unique electro toys, and also very interested in electro competitions - I would love to hear from recon members with matching interests!

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