A consensual #FWL2014 Hump Day

A consensual #FWL2014 Hump Day

from Recon News

10 July 2014

The Recon boys were joined by a bunch of Fetish Week goers at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith for a private screening of the film Age of Consent.

The documentary tells the story of gay fetish sex, consent and The Hoist. It featured a few familiar faces from the fetish scene including Dolan Wolf and 'Uncut' Kurt Striegler. There were even a few urinal cameos by members of the audience, which our Events Manager was very quick to point out!

Hearing LGBT campaigner, Peter Tatchell talk so passionately about consent and gay rights in the UK was really interesting, made HOT by porn stars Adam Dacre and Matteo Valentino going at it against the toilet mirror in the Hoist. It was also interesting to found out how The Hoist came about and to discover that it was home to ice cream vans originally!

It was a very entertaining and informative film and now we feel better equipped to enter The Hoist tonight for the Sports Cruise Party, the first official cruising party of Fetish Week London 2014.

Go to www.fetishweek.com and come out to support the venues in London which are bringing us all this fetish fun!