Features of Recon – Favourite Photos

Features of Recon – Favourite Photos

from Recon News

24 November 2014

Seen a photo so hot that you want to view it again and again? There are plenty of guys on Recon who have pics so hot you'll want to save them for a second, third, fourth, fifth (etc) viewing. Start your own fetish wank bank with the Favourite Photos option!

If you come across a pic that you just know you're going to want to jack off to again and again, save yourself hassle and add them to your Favourite Photos galleries. Just hover the cursor over the pic and a box will pop up giving you the option to 'Add to Favourite Photos'.

On the right hand side of the screen the dropdown will take you to Favourite Photos. You can then move photos into different galleries, so you always know where to find your favourite filthy shots!

The favourite Photos option is exclusive to the site, and is not available on app or android.