#FWL2014 Wednesday - Give us your consent.

#FWL2014 Wednesday - Give us your consent.

from Recon News

09 July 2014

We're just easing you into the Fetish Week festivities! Join us at 7:30pm tonight at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith for a private screening of the controversial fetish film Age of Consent.

Venue: Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, London W6 9RL

Age of Consent tells the story of one of the world's most fetish bars and one of our #FWL2014 venues, London's very own The Hoist.
It's a story of gay sex, from decriminalization to apps. Age of Consent is true to the hard core nature of what we understand fetish to be. It's playful, funny and downright filthy, yet informative.

Dare to come out in gear and mix and mingle with some of the film's cast members. We're sure there are a number of faces you'll recognise. What does the future hold for one of London's only surviving leather bars?

Click here to watch the trailer.

Gear up and get your ticket for what is to be an eye opening event and a teaser of what to expect at the Fetish Week parties!

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