Get 20% off Electro Gear at the Recon Store!

Get 20% off Electro Gear at the Recon Store!

from Recon News

01 August 2014

The Recon Store is back with 20% off all Electro Gear*!

Save over £71 on the new 2B Pro Pack, giving you the opportunity to own probably one of the best electro play boxes on the market! It has the amazing ability to be connected to your PC or Mac and comes with an updated Power Pack which can supply 30% more power than its battery operated predecessor. It also comes with the 2B Digital Link Interface that allows you to control your 2B wirelessly across the world!

You can also grab the incredible Intro to Electro Kits for only £79 each. These kits have everything you need to get started in the world of electro and are amazing value for money.

Don't forget that all the Electrodes, Sounds and accessories have 20% off too, meaning you can finally pick up that OMG you've always been waiting for...

*Offer ends 08/08/14 19.00 GMT