Get Perverted with our New Recon London Perverted Rubber!

Get Perverted with our New Recon London Perverted Rubber!

from Recon News

09 August 2013

Get perverted with our new Recon London Perverted Rubber!

Hot on the heels of our Recon London Skin Rubber comes a new range of rubber gear to reach to the very core of any true pervert.

We've got a new rubber butchers apron for you playroom freaks to wear with sadistic pride - it's cut in thick rubber with a fully adjustable neck and waist belt to fit any master. We have it in two colours, classic black or kinky semi trans natural rubber. You can just about see through the semi trans apron when it's polished, leading to some exciting possibilities...

Last but no means least we have a beautiful new rubber spiked mohawk hood. This hood fits like no other rubber hood we've had before - and looks frighteningly good because of it. It has pin prick eye features and a dual row of 1" steel spikes on the head.

All these products are brought to you at the best possible prices - plus this range is currently pret-a-porter... Get a piece before it sells out!