Interview with Face of January winner, PupZano. Part 1

Interview with Face of January winner, PupZano. Part 1

from Recon News

20 January 2015

PupZano was the winner of our competition at Full Fetish London to be the Recon face of January, as well as be this month's Featured Member. We caught up with him to find out a bit about him and his kinks. We've broken the interview into three parts . Here's the first part:

Recon: Hi PupZano!

Congratulations on winning our Face of January competition! How does it feel to have won?

PupZano: I'm very surprised to have won! I had a number of sexy handlers and puppy pals with me that night, I didn't think that anything would come of it. Although in hindsight it does justify the torturous outfit decision making process!

R: Haha. Well it paid off!
You won by having your pic taken at Full Fetish, did you have a good night?

PZ: It was a blast, the venue was great and I was glad to see a devoted pup-play area, although the AstroTurf was a bit rough on bare skin. The chocolate button treats were a big hit.

R: Get up to much trouble? Anything you'd like to share?

PZ: I got into more than my fair share of action and made sure I made use of each of the zones: Dance, Pup, Piss, Bondage, Fuck and Fisting. Highlights? Being tied up, sling swinging and being spit-roasted.

R: Wow! You did have some fun!
Was this your first time at one of our parties or have you been before? What did you like about the event?

PZ: This was my first Recon specific event, although I've always checked out the Recon booth at events in San Francisco. What I enjoy about events like this the most is getting to meet (and play around with) the hot guys you socialise with online. Also, through events like Full Fetish you get a real good cross-section of the kink community, and exposes you to stuff you may not have considered before.

R: How long have you been a Recon member for? Have you met many hot guys through the site?

PZ: Wow. Well I've been on Recon since 2010 using a different account which I abandoned. Since 2014 I've been using this account that better reflects how comfortable I am in the kink/ fetish scene. Over the years I've met up with quite a few guys through Recon, although it's always been a platform I use to meet guys for drinks and such before moving onto more active pursuits.

R: How long have you been a pup for? What would you say got you into puppy play?

PZ: Well I couldn't really tell you a date and time. Since 17/18 I've had close friends who treated me like a pup in certain respects, and 'pup' was my nickname for just as long. The catalyst for me was an 'SFK9 Unit' Pup moosh at Mr.S Leather in San Francisco last year. I already had some of the gear (pup play was already a favourite bedroom activity), so I went to see what earnest pup play was all about with a good friend as my handler.