Introducing our new-look App 2.7

 Introducing our new-look App 2.7

from Recon News

04 February 2014

Hook up, on the go!

Introducing our new-look App 2.7

Two fantastic new features

Events: Keep up with all Recon events and parties across the world - and better still - get the party started by indicating if you will attending and see who else is going.

From Fetish Week London to Folsom St, San Francisco, sleazy Madrid to Berlin leather fest, interact with other members and make plans for a full-on night out.

Travel: Set up your travel plans while on the move.
Whether on business or out to party give advance notice of your arrival to let everyone know you'll be in town!

Once you've set up your travel dates they will appear in the destination's Who's Online list and you will be able to see who else in is town.

iPhone users will notice a new, still shiny, drawer menu - it not only looks good and allows access to the extra functionality we've added but it's been given some lubrication to make it super-easy to use.

Check out version 2.7 and let us know what you think.
If you like it – rate it!

Last, but not least, be sure to enable Push Notifications to maximize your experience.

Recon, the world-leading full fetish site just keeps giving you more.