London DJ – Gordon Jon - Plays Full Fetish San Francisco. “Work you to da bone!”

London DJ – Gordon Jon - Plays Full Fetish San Francisco. “Work you to da bone!”

from Recon News

27 September 2013

When did you start DJing?

I first started djing back when I was 25 at 2 bars in London called CXR and Comptons. From there I gained residencies at SubStation Soho and Heaven.

What of who were your early passions and influences?

As a teenager I was obsessed with Carl Cox and The Prodigy. I also loved Italian house and quickly got into the rave scene.

When I came to London my favourite dj became Steve Thomas a resident at Trade. I also loved productions by The Sharp Boys and Dillon & Dickins.

What do you consider the high-point of your DJ career?

Two high points: DJing to 5000 at a huge gay festival in Italy; Two tracks I produced 2 months ago are being signed to 2 house labels. Awesome!

What style of music do you play and what is it about the music that makes you choose it?

I love tech house - be it driving and pumpin', or dirty and deep. I like my beats with a phat edge - something that thumps its way into you. Turned up loud in a club, it rocks your system.

It's music that sounds grimey and dirty and can fill you with energy and also raise the raunch levels!!!

How did you come to play at Full Fetish in San Francisco?

I have been DJing for Recon for a long time now and Antoin @ Recon (who is amazing) asked me to DJ at Folsom so I am very excited to give San Francisco a taste of London's incredible sound.

What are you looking forward to most, about playing the party?

I am playing the whole night which means I can showcase my sound to its maximum starting off with the funkier side of tech house and building it up to tougher dirtier tech house. It's definitely music you want to get down and dirty with.

I can also take those who want to dance on a journey and tell them a story with my beatz.

Of all the mixes you've done before – have you got a favourite?

Yes, I've got a few on my SOUNDCLOUD that really stand out for me.

If you listen to them I hope they make you feel something.

"Let house be your drug as it is mine. Music is my life and I love to share it."