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22 September 2016

Recon: What is it about bondage that you turns you on?

THIKTOOL: The biggest turn-on in a bondage scene for me is taking control, physically and mentally. The bottom becomes a plaything to be used for my pleasure, but also my idol to admire and ultimately get off. When I bottom (which happens less these days) giving up control helps relieve the buildup of anxieties in everyday life, and I hope my bottoms get that same release.

Bondage is more than just 'getting off.' It starts with direct talk of fantasies and limits, a kind of communication that builds a fast connection with someone I may be meeting for the first time.

The ritual of tying and untying, the feel and smell of the rope, the heightened senses from being blindfolded, these all heighten the senses and hopefully bring the bottom to another mental state.

For me, there's also the feeling of making something. We start with two men, some rope and a box full of jockstraps, and end with something creative.

R: When did you first get into it? Are there any defining moments that led to this kink?

TT: During my own sexually formative years there wasn't a lot of male erotica in popular culture. My masturbation material was what was at hand, and it certainly shaped all the kinks I have now.

TV shows like Batman and Wild Wild West had tons of imagery of masculine men in tight clothes being tied up and tortured. The image of Batman, tied to a table and struggling while a saw blade inches towards his crotch, is something I can't forget.

Saturday morning wrestling shows too. We knew it was fake, but the macho pageantry made it so much more fun.

R: You have two galleries on your profile: Punishments and Rewards. What leads to a guy getting punished? When is it time for them to be rewarded?

TT: To be honest, the punishments and rewards are interchangeable for most of my bottoms. It's just a fun way to categorize the photos.

The 'punishments' usually involve some pain and discomfort, like clothespins, CBT, nipple clamps, paddling. Everyone gets a bit of that, unless they specifically tell me no ahead of time.

The 'rewards' are actually my rewards! Because I love giving facials. Usually at the end, because everyone deserves a happy ending.

R: How long can your meets with a guy last for? Does it depend on the guy you're with?

TT: Usually about 3 hours, depending on how elaborate the scene is or how much time we have. If time is short we can have an hour of quick fun. Other times we'll hang out for the better part of a day, trying out different bondage positions with breaks in between.

R: If a guy is new to bondage do you take it slow with them?

TT: Every session starts with a discussion of the basics, regardless of the guy's experience. I find out if they have any health issues like asthma, tendonitis, or anything else to work around. We also set limits on what can happen and how much they can take.

Newbies often don't know how much they can take, and may not even know if they like something or not. For them I definitely go slow and watch carefully to see reactions.

When someone is totally new to rope bondage I start out with a simple tie, something like a box harness, to see how they react to being immobilized. I also let them watch what I'm doing. We play a little, and after I'm sure they're having fun we go to the next level. The blindfold goes on, the rope gets more complicated, and the toys come out.

R: Do you have any favoured forms of restraint?

TT: I love the diamond-patterned body cage, which can either be done quickly, with a minimum of knots, or slowly with decorative knots. There are endless variations of it.

Another favorite is spread eagle. Nothing is hotter than seeing a man laid out on the bed like a starfish, with complete vulnerability and easy access.

Of course, always done with rope!

R: The pictures you take make for incredible pieces of art. Do you exhibit them anywhere, or are they for your personal collection?

TT: Thank you!

What started out as a way to document the rope work has become so much more. Before a scene starts, I put a lot of thought into the gear and rope designs, keeping in mind the bottom's physique and fetishes. They might laugh when I make them put on a pink speedo and high-tops, but hopefully it makes sense when they see the photos.

For guys who have an exhibitionist streak, just being tied and photographed is a huge turn on. I can watch how aroused they get just from the sound of the shutter clicking. It's also a hot souvenir for them, and I get messages long after a session telling me they jerked off to images of the scene.

Eventually I might think of making a coffee-table book or have a gallery show, but for now it's just for fun.

R: Are you based solely out of Brooklyn, or do you meet with guys from all over?

TT: Brooklyn is where all my toys are, and I'm lucky that NYC is a place guys from all around the world come to visit.

I don't travel nearly as much as I'd like to, but when I do I try to meet up with some local guys too. There's always events like IML and MAL where everyone is primed for some kinky fun and things are more spontaneous.

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