Add a BLM emblem to your profile to show your support

Add a BLM emblem to your profile to show your support

from Recon News

23 July 2020

From today we are giving our members the ability to add a Black Lives Matter emblem to their profile, so they can show their support for the movement, and keep the conversation and fight going. We also ask that members continue to make donations and get informed on this issue.

Here are some details on why we have added the BLM emblem and its significance, as well as recognition of the work Recon still needs to do regarding racism on our services, and an update on action being taken.

Why make the BLM emblem available?

We are making the emblem available, as this is a seismic moment in history that relates to equality and is a movement that we and many of our members feel strongly about. Black Lives Matter is a human rights issue, and is relevant to all, regardless of political beliefs.

Black Lives Matter does not mean that Black lives are being elevated above those of others. Rather, it is to say that Black lives hold just as much meaning as the lives of any other ethnicity, when historically they have been held in less regard, such as with the brutality and murder of Black people by police in the US. To acknowledge that Black lives matter is not to say that any other lives do not, but that all are equal – or that they should be.

No one is under any obligation to add the emblem to their profile, it is merely an option for those who wish to show their support.

What are you doing to address racism on Recon?

We realise that some people might think, 'Well, it's all well and good creating an optional Black Lives Matter emblem, but what about the racism on members' profiles?'. To this, let us assure you that we know there's still much work to be done.

We aim to address racism and sexual racism on members profiles, as well as in interactions on Recon. The team's talks continue, as we develop a working strategy, and we appreciate your patience whilst we take a considered approach. The BLM emblem isn't an attempt at a fix, but rather a way to continue to showing support for the anti-racism movement.

The next step

Within the next two weeks we will be putting out an anonymous survey. We invite everyone to take a few moments to complete the survey. Our goal is to collect information on the experiences of our members. We will then use this information to take action to make Recon a safer place for all our members.

If you would like to add the Black Lives Matter emblem to your profile, please use the link below. If you are using an iOS device, you can do so by going to >>
We have also provided a link to a site that gives information on how to donate, support and petition for the BLM movement.

Black Lives Matter