ARTICLE: MEMBER FEATURE - Who The Hell Is Nick Christie? PART I

ARTICLE: MEMBER FEATURE - Who The Hell Is Nick Christie?  PART I

from Recon News

05 March 2024

By NickChristie

Nick Christie is a British born, kinky fetish author of leather-based novels, whose desire for leather started at a very early age. He recalls being fascinated by cowboy films and especially the bad guys, as they always had black leather chaps, gloves, and waistcoats.

"They looked amazing and something stirred in me from a very tender age. Villains or assassins in TV shows often wore leather gloves and that was a trigger too. There was also a guy up my road who had a motorbike and he wore a cool leather jacket, so I knew at the age of ten I wanted a jacket too at some point. I can see the appeal of other fetishes; rubber, sneakers and sportswear, but leather will always be my first love and go to. So, writing stories about fetish men for fetish men is something I truly love and enjoy."


I suppose everyone would ask this question, so let's jump right in with it. What made you want to write?

Well, the writing actually started all by complete accident. Never dreamed I'd be doing this. I took time out from work for a year in 2018 and was chatting to a guy on Tumblr about porn and erotic stories, like you do, and how difficult it was to find good leather-based erotica. So, I decided to write him my fantasy idea just on messenger. He loved it because it was so detailed, so I then wrote another scene. These two scenes became the foundations of parts 1 and 2 of The Misfits Series, my first book.

What did you read as a child?

If I'm honest, not much! I was not a strong reader as a child and even now, I don't read that many books. I find it hard to focus on a book, which I know sounds mad, but it takes a lot for a book to grab me. If I do find a book that gets my attention, then I will be absorbed and dive in and won't surface 'til I have finished.

Why did you choose fetish/kink as the primary subject matter for your books?

I was in the mindset to read some filthy stories and couldn't find any that connected with me on a leather and fetish front. I hadn't thought about writing a book, until I started. Once I had written one leather kink novel, the desire was to write more, for me, and for those who had enjoyed the first one.

Are there any similarities between the stories and characters in your books, and your own personal experiences? Are we sometimes reading about Nick?

Yes, you are always reading about Nick! I would say there is a part of me in all my characters, the good and the bad. I draw from all my own emotional experiences to give them personality and depth, but I also draw on other people I've met, especially visually. The kink and sex scenes are a combination of what I've enjoyed, what I'm turned on by and what I'd like to experience. The locations in the books are places I've been to, so I like to give a level of realism to the story, street names, hotels and venues. The only time I make a venue name up, is if it's the core of the story, so TRADE is not a real brothel in Soho, but Beak Street does exist, and the reader can imagine the location. Also, a side note is, I'm on all the covers of my books. Creating covers that depict the contents inside is very important to me.

Would any of your readers see themselves in the characters in any of your books?

One of the best things about writing has been hearing from readers. I respond to all messages on my socials and love hearing what people think. Most of my readers would identify with at least one of the characters, and a few have told me how certain ones resonated so much with their personal story or coming out. The greatest feeling is when people thank me for writing a story that connects and represents with their own life and the leather community. That is always very humbling to hear.

Who's your favourite character, and what about them makes them your favourite?

Oh man! That's like choosing a child! I love them all for different reasons. Even the bad, dark characters I write. I may love their darkness and no limits attitude. I suppose if I had to choose one, and I hate to do this, it could be Neil from Lutterworth House. This book is set in 1979 London, and Neil is a shy, awkward character, a bit like I was in my youth, who discovers his wings through leather and through new friends. I loved writing his emotional development very much.

Which are your 3 top places for "research"?

Google, porn, and talking to fetish guys on social. I wrote a Cuck scene in my book TRADE after a long message conversation on Instagram. The guy told me how he loved being cucked and I asked him why. What was it about it he desired, how did it make him feel emotionally. He gave me so much to work on to write a cuck scene from all three perspectives, the cuck, the husband and the third party they paid to bring their wishes to life.

Some of your books have some very strong sex scenes. Which one of your books has the raciest scene? And what is it about?

They all have a lot of strong sex scenes, depends on what you call "raciest". TRADE has a lot of creative scenes as its based around a team of escorts working with kinky clients – cuck, BDSM, boy for sale, to name a few. In some of my books there is some non-consensual action as part of a story plot, this happens in DARKROOM and Lutterworth House. I'd say Lutterworth House has some of my darkest characters, with two being possibly psychotic. In one scene, there is a group party session of extreme BDSM, and it gets completely and dangerously out of control.

Is It all about sex, or is there a bigger story to tell?

Sex features a lot, but I know full well that this would become very tedious without a story arc to keep the reader interested. You have to connect with the characters to enjoy the sex and want to continue and know more. In nearly all my books, there is also a romantic side and a love connection. I am a romantic at heart and love it when two men find a deeper connection and join together. So, a good story and emotional connections are promised. A sex only book, would become boring very quickly, I think.

Which was the hardest book to finish?

TRADE, my 5th. I took over a year to finish that one. It was launched in March 2023. I stopped and started and kept changing my mind about how it would end. That's a mistake I won't make again, I must always know the ending before I start a book. I'm really happy with how it did end, but it was hard to get there. WILD WOOD, my new one flowed well and took just five months to initially write the first draft.

When you're not writing, what do you do?

My background is Marketing. I used to market beer, globally, for a regional brewer in the UK. I'm now fortunate to be retired and enjoy my time going to theatre and music concerts. I tend to go to an event, theatre, or concert at least 4 times a month if not more, plus I really enjoy travelling and seeing the world.

You had a new book which recently came out. Can you share some details with us?

My 6th full-length novel is called WILD WOOD, which came out 18th Nov 2023. It's set in a newly opened all-male naturist holiday resort. My main character, Jude, is a university student looking for work at said resort. His summer is just about to get much hotter, when Seb, the new handyman arrives at the resort astride a magnificent motorbike and head to toe in black leather. Jude is transfixed, but is sure Seb is out of his league.

Where can we find more of your books?

All my books are available via Amazon worldwide. Kindle eBook, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback and Hardcover. In addition, the paperbacks can be purchase at Mr Riegillio online store. The team there have been so supportive these last few years, always stocking the latest books I bring out. So, you can add a book into your basket along with your kinky gear!

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Lifesaver – May 2020
DARKROOM – November 2020
Blondilocks (short story) – Christmas 2020
Lutterworth House – September 2021
TRADE – March 2023
WILD WOOD – November 2023

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