Blocking and Filtering Is Now Live

Blocking and Filtering Is Now Live

from Recon News

13 December 2016

We've released two changes to Recon today – new and improved Blocking, and a brand-new feature called Filtering.

We've listened to your feedback and we've improved the way that Blocking works on our site – now if you block someone, they won't be able to see your profile anywhere and their profile won't pop up anywhere on your member lists. We want people to use Blocking in extreme cases only, such as when you feel you are being harassed, so we're limiting the maximum number of users you can block to 50. We've given you a Blocked List so you can review your list and unblock members whenever you need to.

Because we know that people use Blocking for different reasons, we're also giving you something new to help you – Filtering. Filtering allows you to tailor our member lists on both our apps and our website so that they're more specific to your tastes, meaning you'll be able to make sure you see more of the fetish men you are interested in, without having to use up any of your blocked limit. You can access Filtering by clicking the Filtering button at the top of any member list.

We're not stopping here – we've got a few more tricks up our sleeve. Keep yourself strapped in to Recon for more features that'll make it even easier to find your fetish and show off your fetish to more hot guys!