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31 October 2023

We promised to keep you updated on Building Your New Recon, and if you're one of the lucky members using the new Pilot, you already know how incredibly busy the engineering team has been.

But if you're not, we want to share this exciting news with you too.

Our main focus has been on bringing more of the core features of the platform into the Pilot, and here's some of the exciting new updates that have been done.

• All Recon profiles have now been synced to the Pilot so you can view any other member's profile, even if they aren't participating in the Pilot. This means that you've now got the ability to see everyone.

• All of the over 200 million Recon messages have now been synced to the Pilot so you can chat with any other member, even if they're not participating in the Pilot. And if you're chatting to a member and you're both using the Pilot, your messages now happen in real time.

• You can now send photos from your Recon galleries, but the even more exciting news is that you can send pics directly from your photo gallery on your personal device as well. No need to upload to your Recon profile gallery first.

• All messages and photos sent and received in the Pilot will also appear in your existing Recon profile, so if you feel the need to drop back into the current version of the platform, you won't lose any of your messages or pic uploads.

There's a lot more of the core features being added on, and we want to thank the Pilot users for the invaluable feedback they've been giving. Please keep using the feedback link in the pilot to continue letting us know about your experience with the Pilot.

In the coming months, there will be more core features added and more updates. We'll soon extend access to the Pilot to more members, so if you signed up previously, keep an eye on your email for the invite to access the Pilot.

The Recon Product Team