Building Your New Recon – Product Update – Feb 2024

Building Your New Recon – Product Update – Feb 2024

from Recon News

28 February 2024

Hello Recon Members,

We're continuing to make big strides in the development of your new Recon and would like to tell you about our latest updates.

As you know, we started by introducing you to the most important core features, and we promised that you would see additional functionality and more features being added through the coming months.

If you're already using the Pilot, you'll have been notified about the changes, and hopefully you're already testing them for us. But for those of you who are not using the Pilot, we still want to share this exciting news with you, and keep you updated on what we're working on, and some of the features you can look forward to.

Here's some of what's been most recently added to the Pilot:

Geolocation - Allow Recon to use your location, so you can find guys nearby.

Push Notifications – Get alerts when you get a new message.

Badge Count - See the number of new messages.

Km vs Miles – See and display your distance and height in either imperial or metric.

The team is committed to working on your new Recon and will soon be adding more features and updates including things like the cruise function, profile visits, and more.

If you're already part of the Recon Pilot, log back in and check out what's new and give us your feedback.

Thanks for helping us build a new and better Recon!

Recon Product Team