Cuteplaytoy opens up further – final part of interview

Cuteplaytoy opens up further – final part of interview

from Recon News

24 August 2015

We continue our chat with Featured Member cuteplaytoy. In this final part he talks about his favourite gear and equipment, and how he and his partner play:

Recon: Out of your own gear what are your favourite items and why?

cuteplaytoy: I think at some point I will buy a full leather motorbike suit, the boots really blow my mind, I find them very attractive and I would like to have a pair of my own. Also I like chastity devices, I have one of my own but at the moment I'm wearing a holy trainer that belongs to my boyfriend. I would like to try the Carrara Designs chastity belt. It looks amazing in the pictures and videos that I saw of it. Maybe in the future I can give it a try.

R: Have you any favourite pieces of equipment? Why are these your favourites?

CPT: Straightjackets! (laughs) I think they are my main fetish and the thing that makes me hard quickest. The feeling of being encased in one of them, totally helpless and controlled is really exciting. No matter which material, if a straightjacket is in the session, I will probably want to be inside of it. (laughs)

R: As you say, you have a boyfriend. How long you guys been together?

CPT: We've been together for almost a year. Everything went very quickly and I'm so happy that he's by my side. He gives me unconditional support and believes in me more than I do in myself. We take care of each other and we share a lot of kinks. We are both very enthusiastic about bondage that's why we are always trying to discover new bondage stuff. As a couple, we love traveling and we do it when we are available. And if it is some fetish event, we are even more pleased to travel (laughs).

R: That's great! So do you guys play together, separately or both?

CPT: We like to play together most of the times but we can do separately too. It depends on the availability. Our main rule is safety in every sense. Unfortunately our jobs keep us quite busy and we don't play as much as we would love to. Either way, we do our best to find time to have nice bondage play.

R: Sounds great!
Would you say you enjoy being part of the London fetish and kink community?

CPT: of course. It is massive!! (Laughs). It is amazing to be surrounded by people with my same likes and share different experiences. The London scene is one of the biggest fetish communities worldwide and I am delighted to be part of it. Every time I can, I like to pop into the parties and see what is going on. Since I moved to London, I can say I'm more participative in fetish events and I admit that I wouldn't mind helping in organising more fetish events or being again a model for a bondage master class, as I did in the last London Fetish Week.

R: You did well! There's a picture of you in the Bondage Masterclass gallery.
Have you met many friends through Recon, as well as had fun?

CPT: sure, I can honestly say that a big part of my closest friends I met them on Recon. With some of them I have had some action fun and with other ones we have just a friendship or we meet from time to time to have a drink, but you know, everybody is welcome. That's what I like about Recon and that's what I use the site for. It is not only about a bondage session, a little bit of action or a filthy plan, it is as well about the things that can come after that, like sharing some drinks, go partying, traveling together, definitely finding some fellas and enjoying friendship.

R: Are there any members you'd like to give a shout out to who guys should check out?

CPT: This question is kinda compromise, (laughs). If I start telling you all the profile members that turn me on I possibly would need another two or three hours of interview. (Laughs). So I think I will keep them to myself and to my wanking needs. (Laughs). I will only say that members with straightjackets, heavy bondage and lots of chains and handcuffs definitely have an admirer in me.

R: Those guys should take note! (laughs)
Anything you'd like to say to our members?

CPT: mmm... actually yes. Bondage lovers, here I am for a nice session, a cheerful chat, a drink, a friendship, go to some parties, exchange experiences, buying gear, etc... And one last thing I would like to add... can somebody give me a posey straightjacket as a gift?? (Laughs)

R: (laughs) You cheeky swine! Thanks cuteplaytoy!