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06 June 2019

Describe yourself in one sentence

I got the most precious body, dirtiest mind and hungriest ASS... I got it all 😈😍

What are your fetishes?

Hmm…. Starts from underwear (got more than 100 pairs), piercing, tattoo…leather… it goes a very long list 🙈 but the most good feeling is staying naked 24/7

How did you get into fetish and kink?

I think it's from my childhood I'm a kinky guy. When I was a kid I used to remove my shorts and sleep naked, just covered with blanket… I Play with my piss while showering.. When I get older and get to meet guys for sex, I experience that I like to be dominated and the most hardcore way I enjoy myself… slowly starts finding things which makes me happy and satisfy. ❤️

Are there any fetishes or kinks you'd like to try?

Lot of things I need to try, I'm living in such a place where I can't do many things which I love to do. I'm an exhibitionist, love to show my body and enjoy when people watch me… wish I can find a right guy who can make my dreams come true. I don't want to limit myself; I want to explore everything in kink. At least I would like to give it a try with new things. I want to enjoy beautiful guys from all over the world.

Can it be difficult being a gay guy into fetish in Dubai?

I always feel like I'm a right guy stuck in a wrong place. Even though here we can find people from all over the world - they work and live here - there are lots of restrictions, limitations. But thanks to Recon, I get chance to meet lot of travelers, met many guys, made good friends, I'm blessed.

What do you go for in a guy?

I love men, the smell, the skin, the body… everything, men are so beautiful in every way… anyways I love fit guys, guys who care about their body and looks, and of course dominant and very kinky.

Describe the best encounter you've had through Recon

As I said, met lot of travelers and few good guys from UAE, enjoyed a lot dirty / kinky things 😉 feeling shy to describe it 😊

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