Do you want new Interest categories on Recon?

Do you want new Interest categories on Recon?

from Recon News

14 March 2017

On Recon, the Interest category you choose lets guys know what you consider to be your main fetish or kink. This also means that when guys who share your passion do a search by that Interest, you'll appear.

For some time, we've been considering the categories that are available to our members, and whether they could be expanded to include other fetishes that members might identify with. As such, we're asking our members to give us feedback on what new categories they might be interested in having added.

Below is a link to a form that provides multiple options that you can select, as well as a space for you to provide alternative suggestions. Take a look and let us know if there's any new Interest categories you'd like to see on Recon.

Your response would be greatly appreciated, as it will help us to get a stronger idea of what new categories we might consider adding. It should be noted, though, that this is a preliminary enquiry, and selecting an option will not necessarily result in the inclusion of this Interest.