Featured Member aREALboy tells all

Featured Member aREALboy tells all

from Recon News

23 May 2016

June's Featured Member, aREALboy, tells us a bit about himself.

Tell us about what fetish means to you:

Fetish to me has always been about those very random things that just really get you going. Each person has their own and each person has varying intensities for each. When you find someone who can meet you with the same amount of intensity as you, for whatever fetish you might have, that's when the sparks fly.

Tell us about when you first realized you had a kinky side:

I think I first realized I had a kinky side in my mid-teens; my family had just gotten its first computer. I took to chat rooms and porn searches like most horny guys would haha. It was always tough though, because I didn't know much about anything, including computers, and I had to double back and make sure the history was deleted all the time. Having my father ask me about sounding or why I was looking up locker rooms, glory holes or local cruising areas wasn't something I wanted to have happen. Luckily it didn't.

Tell us about your different fetish/kink tastes:

I have a wide variety of kinks and fetishes, but the most intense feelings have been in bondage and submission/dominance scenes. Consensual non-consensual scenes are interesting too. I find the emotions and sentiments felt during these types of scenes to be the most genuinely arousing and rewarding ones. There's something about giving myself completely to someone else, or having that control over someone else, that just really connects with me.

Tell us about your favourite places to play:

Hmm this is a tough one. I think any place that qualifies as a "cruising place" - like the backroom at the Black Eagle (leather/cruising bar) here in Toronto - would be a favourite place. I generally have a hard time with planned sex, so scenes that involve genuine sexual energy really turn me on. Cruising spots have a lot of those vibes, men who know what they want, how they want it, and how to take it or give it. Though I will say, I'm working on my own play space right now and soon it'll be setting the perfect tone.

Tell us about your blog:

The blog is definitely a major part of my life. It started off as a documentation of my sexual self-discovery and it's evolved into so much more than that. Growing up I didn't have anyone to look up to or learn from sexually, and in a way I think I started the blog, not only to find out more about myself, but to also offer other people that same knowledge. People don't explore their bodies enough, and way too many people let fear lead them. I wanted to provide something to maybe help take some of that fear away or to challenge those fears. There are some photos of me eating breakfast followed by some of me self-fisting. I wanted to play with that, have people see some and think "Oh wow he seems kinda cool" and then scroll down more and be totally terrified by the following photo. In reality though, all I'm doing is having fun with myself and people who also want to have fun, and I'm sharing that. generally, it's been fairly well received.

Tell us what you're looking for:

My Recon profile will cover most of that for sure, but maybe in a TLDR (too long didn't read) fashion, so I'll sum it up here: I'm looking for adventure, for passion, for affection. I'm looking for rough, rugged and powerful. I'm looking for dominance and submission. Most of all though, I'm looking for honesty.