Featured Member cutscut gives us our sleaziest interview yet! Part one of two

Featured Member cutscut gives us our sleaziest interview yet! Part one of two

from Recon News

16 October 2015

Well, we got up close and personal with October's Aussie Featured Member cutscut. This guy does not hold back on the filthy detail, and it was hard not to have a semi when hearing his responses (just wait for his description of FFun in part two). Here's what he had to say:

Recon: Hi cutscut. How's it going?

Cutscut: I'm doing well, boy. As usual I'm feeling horny as ever (I never seem able to quench that sexual thirst). It's starting to get warm here down in Sydney heading into the southern summer and when the heat is on everyone gets on heat!

R: How you finding being Featured Member so far? Had any good offers?

CC: I'm honoured to representing all the filth pigs and sex maniac's from Australia (and the Southern Hemisphere). I'm pleased to say that yes I have been swamped by many delightful offers from my Northern Hemisphere comrades, and a few fellow Aussie's too. Fingers crossed (and fist clenched) that I can make it over to North America and Europe soon for a little (to be honest, a lot) of ffun.

R: Yeah, I'm sure you'll get a warm welcome.
How long have you been a member of Recon for?

CC: Gosh, it's been so long now I can't even remember, but I would have it as a guess that I've been a member for close to five years now. There are always new men joining up, so I'm always fascinated to see what kind of naughty business I can get myself into with some fresh "partners-in-crime".

R: That would've made you about, what? 21? Have you had filthy tastes from quite a young age? When did you first start getting into fetish and kink?

CC: 21, don't make me blush like that, I'm 26 years old. Growing though my adolescent years in a time where all sorts of kinky fetish porn was becoming easily available through the internet and the emergence of social media allowed me to connect with a diverse range of sexually empowered people, by the time I was 18 years old I had mustered up enough courage to explore my sexuality through the online world. My curiosity ran wild, and it didn't take long for me to start interacting with men from all around the world on websites such as Recon. Before I knew it I was getting myself into all sorts of new sexual adventures, meeting up with loads of men for casual hook-ups. It was a sexual explosion. Repressing my sexuality through my teenage years I was suddenly connected to a community of men, hungry to explore their bodies and bring fantasies into reality. My cock (and tongue) just couldn't get enough tasty ass, and quickly my sexual appetite turned to kink. A finger or two opening up an ass wasn't enough, I wanted to bury my whole hand inside every boy I met. Fisting was the natural progression. I was a natural Top, a placid and generally reserved "guy next door" by everyday nature, in a sexual dynamic I was able to live out my dominant side and release my inner suppressions. Taking control of every situation by fucking rough, hard and deep with each thrust, any opportunity to open up a sweet man hole and get him loose was euphoric – the ultimate pinnacle was getting my fist buried deep inside his ass. I was hooked on fisting, and I loved it!

R: Hot. Have you any filthy experiences from using Recon you'd like to share?

CC: I won't kiss-and-tell too much, but if you want a taste of the adventures I've been up to over the past few years then you can check out the pics on my profile… otherwise I'm very open to suggestions got new filthy experiences, so feel free to hit me up boys. Strangely enough, from my experiences on Recon, I tend to find my sexual partners online after-the-fact/act (maybe they're even hotter in real life than their display pic) so Recon makes for a great tool re-connect with past lovers you have lost touch with.

R: So, where in the world can our members find you for some FF play?

CC: Well, right now my feet are firmly in Australia. Sydney is an expensive city, so I'm always on the look-out for someone to take me on filthy adventures to USA or Europe! If you call Sydney home or are visiting the land down under there's a good chance you'll see me cruising out-and-about town at any of the major fetish dance parties (or cruise clubs/saunas/beats). In the virtual world you'll find me on the majority of sites under the same username.

R: You'll definitely get some offers from that, I'm sure!
What's the fetish scene like in Sydney? Are there many clubs and bars?

CC: Sydney, like most cities I suppose, has a small but close fetish community. Sydney doesn't have any gay bars or clubs catering specifically to the fetish community, however there are a host of regular dance parties that play underground music aimed at the kinkier crowd including Extra Dirty, Club Exile, and Woof Club. Outside of the bar/club scene the kinkiest of the sex-on-premises venues is Headquarters cruise club, who regularly schedule nights aimed at fist fuckers and piss pigs. The Sydney Leather Pride Association also hold regular social events catering to the Sydney fetish community including Fetish Cocktails, Inquisition Party, Sydney Mrs/Ms Leather Pride, and kink workshops. The pinnacle of Aussie gay life is the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Running from the end of February into the start of March it caps off the end of summer with an explosion of LGBTQI events (and international visitors, OINK). If you want to experience gay Australia at its best, visit Sydney during this period (with a side trip to Melbourne too).

R: Wow. That's great. The Sydney Filth tourist board owes you a debt there.
Have you experienced fetish in other counties? If so, where?

CC: I've been fortunate enough to travel Europe, North America, and Asia experiencing the delights of the gay communities in each of the places I have covered, however I haven't had a chance to specifically experience the fetish scene in any of the cities I visited. It's my dream someday to move abroad with my top three cities being London, San Francisco, and Berlin.

R: We love all three of those cities and are there often.
Are there any other countries you plan to visit?

CC: Recently I booked a vacation for Bali, Indonesia so I'm heading there in March 2016 for a cheap and cheerful escape while I save for a bigger Euro-trip in 2017 (perhaps sooner). If you live in Bali or visiting Bali next March then hit me up with a Recon message.

[Continued in part two]