Featured Member cutscut gives us our sleaziest interview yet! Part two of two

Featured Member cutscut gives us our sleaziest interview yet! Part two of two

from Recon News

22 October 2015

In part two of our interview, Featured Member cutscut gives us details on what he likes in a guy and his tastes in gear and play. He also gives us an in depth description of the pleasure he gets from fist fucking a guy. It's a great read!

Recon: You describe yourself as "sexually liberal". Care to explain that further?

Cutscut: Being sexually liberal is all about accepting your sexual feelings and emotions, embracing desires, feeling pleasure, and unlocking your sexual yearning. By letting yourself be at ease with your sexual self you can allow yourself the personal space and freedom to embrace sex as something be enjoyed unashamedly. In this way love, lust and inter-personal relationships can be experienced in non-traditional means.

R: Sounds a good way to be.
So, what types of fetish gear do you like best? What turns you on about them?

CC: I really get into Lycra. I love the feeling of wearing a wrestling singlet or swimming trunks. The smooth synthetic texture has a quality about it that really feels nice against my skin. Other than lycra I love jockstraps (underwear in general turns me on) and I have a thing for sportswear too.

R: What kind of gear on another guy gets you hard?

CC: There's nothing hotter than seeing a muscled guy on the dancefloor at a party wearing a jockstrap, leather harness, knee high sports socks, and sturdy black boots. That look just makes me want to drag him into the bathroom and fuck his brains out right there and then, WOOF!

R: Very nice. What do you go for in a guy in general?

CC: From a visual perspective I have varied tastes. A smooth muscled jock guy could get me just as excited as a furry less gym-fit otter. Generally a tall guy will spark my interest, a cute face will catch my gaze even longer, and a nice uncut cock will get me on my knees pretty easily (guilty as charged). Personality is very important too. If you can show confidence without cockiness, and are cheekily naughty then you're in with a chance with me. All that being said, I'm very picky when it comes to someone who is more than just a playmate.

R: What type of kinky play do you go in for, and what would you say was your favourite type of play?

CC: Fisting is my favourite sexual passion by far, and it's showing no signs of fading in interest. New endeavours are always waiting around the corner, and I'm ready to pounce on willing participants who want their boundaries explored.

R: What is it about fisting that you enjoy so much?

CC: The power dynamic of fisting is ffantastic. It takes a lot of trust for the fistee to allow the fister to open them up and discover the joys of their rear anatomy. By far, exploring the depth of a man will get me most excited. The challenge of seeing not just my hand but forearm (sometimes more) disappear within a hungry man ass will keep me captivated for hours on end. With every inch my arms creep further and deeper inside an ass, my cock is throbbing with even more delight. As I retract my long greasy arm out of that ass, there is always an urge to ball my fist tight and make sure that bottom feels every last bit of my limb – I am in control and he is at my whim. My impulse to punch an ass is usually quite high too. Once I've tested that ass to its limits with depth, I want to see how wide he can stretch open. Sliding my clenched fist in and out, picking up the pace as the bottom boy grunts and endures the intense friction between my hand and his anus. I alternate between my left and right hands, as his hole expands wide enough for me to slide both hands inside together. When he can't take any more I stop and watch as his ass lips gape like an exhaust, before he pushes out a beautiful pink rosebud. The instinct for me to bury my face in that prolapsed rectum is irresistible and I tongue fuck the hell out of that. To finish off a hot session I love to slip my hand in one last time, then slither my thick cock inside that ass with my fingers and palm cradling my dick. I fuck my fist vigorously until I shoot my big load inside that boy and he knows that he has had an experience he will never forget.

R: Well…that's left me fairly speechless!
But onward! Would you say there's anything you're yet to try that you'd be up for?

CC: I've tried most things at least once before… but mostly as a top. Who knows, one day I might want to switch the roles up and explore the flipside. Perhaps one thing I haven't really tried is erotic electrostimulation (e-stim or electro-sex).

R: Well, we have e-stim kits available at the Recon Store!
What's your favourite piece of fetish gear and why?

CC: My collection of jockstraps and wrestling singlets. They always make me feel good and dirty when I wear them, pig mode is activated and I'm ready to play.

R: Have you a favourite piece of equipment?

CC: To be honest I don't really get into a lot of equipment. When I'm fisting just making sure there is plenty of Crisco/Boy Butter/J-lube lubes ready to use are the best tools of the trade. Also, a leather sling with foot-hold straps do a good job of getting the fistee ready and open for my hot hands to slide inside.

R: Yeah, that makes sense.
Have you any Recon member you want to give a shout out to? Guys you'd recommend?

CC: My buddy "Tavian" is one of the most talented (and filthy-minded) fist pigs out there. He lives in Perth, Western Australia but whenever he is in Sydney I always make an effort to catch up with him for some ffun. Also a shout out to "holeboyperth" also in Perth, "MitchSummers", "marty999" and "FunchPist" both talented ffuckers from Melbourne, and "AssyOne" and "BigBoyOz" in Sydney.

R: Everyone be sure to look them up.
And finally, here's your opportunity to say anything you want to our members

CC: Thanks for all the messages and I'm looking forward to meeting up with a lot of you piglets sometime soon.

R: Excellent! Thanks cutscut for being October's FFilthy FFeatured Member!