Featured Member RubberRich signs off

Featured Member RubberRich signs off

from Recon News

30 June 2016

RubberRich has been our Featured Member in what's proven to be a pretty tough month for the global gay community. Here's what he had to say about his time:

"Thank you Recon for the honour of being June's Featured Member; it's been a whole lot of fun!

Sadly, June has been a hard month for me and our community to comprehend and deal with. With the harrowing images and details of what happened in Orlando on June 12 beamed around the globe… and still echoing in our minds now. June 15 also happened to mark the 20th anniversary of a terrorist bomb here in Manchester. I heard someone on TV say something that resonated with me. She said she was tired of hearing that the bomb was "the best thing to happen to Manchester" (referring to the regeneration that followed it). She proclaimed it was "the city's reaction" to the bomb that was the best thing that happened to Manchester. It brought us together; united and determined to re-build and be better than we were.

And that's what the gay community in Orlando will do. That's what we'll all do.

I felt a lot of kind words from Recon members, both near and far, this month – buried amongst the many lustful messages and fun pics I received (you filthy lot! ;-)...) Thank you all for those kind words and encouragement as a newbie kinkster. I look forward to seeing the fetish community out in force at Fetish Week London in July and Folsom Europe in Berlin in September. Thanks again."

Thanks RubberRich. I think we can all agree with what you say. We look forward to seeing you in just over a week's time!

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