Featured Member skratxxx tells us about his fetish life

Featured Member skratxxx tells us about his fetish life

from Recon News

16 August 2016

You know the drill. Here's some info on our Featured Member for July, skratxxx:

Tell us about your fetish tastes?

I'm really obsessed with the trackies and sneakers world, with the aesthetic and its relationship with music, art and the Internet.

It is not just the fetish object or pieces of clothing, it's also a place or experience, a connection with culture. Is more exciting getting guys in places that are related to sports fetish, while listening to hardcore electronic music, play video games or smoke in your car, but it is difficult to fulfill all of this, of course haha

I think my fetish is the fusion of the things I love and sex. Previously I was interested in latex, leather, boots, skinheads, punks, and the aesthetic of violence… but actually I'm only into sportsgear fetish.

I think I've found my place and my artistic inspiration here.

Tell us when you first discovered fetish?

When I was 15 years old I was living in a small town and one day I saw a new boy in the streets with a industrial-gothic look; a red Mohawk, full of piercings, tattoos, rubber clothes and leather boots, I think that was my first fetish experience. The aesthetic impressed me so much. The only thing I wanted was to know him and know where he got those clothes. A few days after that we became friends and I tried his clothes on me. He taught me a lot about fetish, art, and night culture.

After that, I discovered my own fetish tastes; shoes, socks, josckstraps… But I keep those first contacts and feelings with rubber or leather, wearing that darkness and black colour in my sportsgear.

Tell us what you like about trakies and trainers (sneakers)?

I like the materials, the texture when you touch them, that glow in the tracksuit and how they fit on a guy, but it's not just a physical or visual matter. For me, the tracksuit and sneakers are related to a cultural scene and a way of life that happened between the late 90s and early 2000s; electronic music, art, digital culture, organic architecture, motorsport, science fiction… For example, the patterns of Nike TN remind me of Aliens morphologies or Zaha Hadid architecture.

In addition, the tracksuit, sneakers and metal necklaces are socially associated with an arrogant attitude – very male, very badass - and that is where the curiosity and the action begins.

Tell us what your favourite piece of gear is, and why?

Of course, sneakers are the most Important piece of the set; the showiest part; the part that holds everything else. But it's hard to choose just one pair - I'm in love with Nike TN and Nike Shox. If I had to choose one pair of sneakers, though, I would choose my black Nike AirMax. With these I had my first sneaker fetish experience, kick started my curiosity with the sport aesthetic and, in a way, began my entry to this whole world.

Tell us what fetish is like in Madrid?

The scene in Madrid is continuously growing. Almost every 2 or 3 weeks there is an important event or party like 'Kluster' or 'Into the Tank'. Also there are emerging some good new locals in the center of Madrid with good fetish action.

Now these parties are being announced everywhere - big posters in the streets, a good promotion on social networks and a lot of public action. Growth is unstoppable. And this is great, because in Spain, the fetish world is considered dark and a little taboo, even within the gay community.

The problem, or my problem with the fetish nights is the theme or the dress code of these, is very open. That is something nice, but personally, I like parties with Sportswear dress code exclusively, like in Berlin...

To find people like me, it is easier to search in gay social networks, I don't know why, but many of the sneakers boys I've found are people who are not into night culture.

Tell us what you like in a fetish guy?

I feel attracted to a handsome boy, who can take a good tracksuit and cool sneakers, but if he's not bold and not sure of himself, we can't do anything. This kind of fetish without attitude is nothing.

The attitude is always the most important thing, I really like the bold boys, with some mischief, a little bad, I must admit that, but this is nothing without good vibes.

If they love sneakers it will be much better, but I prefer to meet a guy who has a great inner world - tolerant, curious and with many things to teach me.

Tell us where you're going, or where you'd like to travel to for fetish?

All of my Berlin friends say I should go there immediately, and I agree with them. I love everything that I've seen and know about the fetish world there. Also to go to the best fetish parties in Europe. I wanna meet other artists into fetish creation there, and promote my work. A lot of good experiences and sneakerboys are waiting for me there.

I am also interested in traveling to London and Paris soon. It is curious that in every country the boys wear a different dress code on sportsgear fetish… I want to meet all of them!