Fetish destinations: Berlin

Fetish destinations: Berlin

from Recon News

11 January 2017

Across Europe, each country has its own take on a fetish scene, with plenty of great bars and clubs in which to have fun.

In this series of guides, we're looking at the fetish capitals of Europe and highlighting some of the best venues to visit. Here's our primer for what Berlin has to offer.

A bit of background

The Germans have a long history of exploring and experimenting when it comes to sex, so of course it's a country with a huge gay fetish scene. The capital, Berlin, is full of creatives and free-spirited individuals – it's little surprise that many of the best fetish bars can be found here, particularly in the Schöneberg gay village.

Berlin is a large and sprawling city with a diverse gay fetish scene. Before you go, it's important to know where the best bars and clubs are.

Top recommended bars and clubs:

New Action: A popular gay fetish cruising bar well known for hosting lots of different-themed events, including 'Big Dick Nite' where men who get hard at the bar can get themselves a free drink. It's always packed, so you can gear up and go here anytime for some action.

Lab.oratory: This club, based underneath Berghain, is one of the most well-known fetish venues in Berlin. Famous for its décor and the ever-changing design of its cruising room, its themed nights are definitely worth experiencing, especially if you are looking for great fist, rubber or sports gear parties.

Mutschmann's: During any of the big event weekends in Berlin, you can barely get inside this fetish bar in Schöneberg due to its reputation and popularity. There's a strict fetish code, so be sure to wear your best gear if you're planning to go here. The dark room and play area often see some hardcore action - you'll certainly be glad you came.

The Quälgeist: If bondage is your thing then look no further than Quälgeist, as it's the perfect space to live out all your fantasies. There's all sorts of equipment to play with, including a Saint Andrew's cross, wall bars, cages, rack, slings, hoists and more. The slave training events hosted at the weekends are very popular and not to be missed.

Scheune: Popular with the rubber crowd, this fetish bar is known for hosting great parties with strict dress codes. Head here for dungeon parties, gay sex parties, skinhead meetings and more. The large darkroom gives you plenty of space to play.

We'll be exploring plenty more fetish destinations over the coming months – hopefully our guides will inspire you to try something, or somewhere, new in 2017.

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