Fetish focus: Chicago Rubbermen

Fetish focus: Chicago Rubbermen

from Recon News

04 March 2018

What makes the Chicago-based community of rubbermen such a prominent presence on the global rubber scene? Let's find out.

Who are the Chicago Rubbermen?

Like other rubbermen groups around the world, the Chicago Rubbermen exist to unite fetish men with a love of not just rubber, but latex, neoprene, waders and gas masks. As one of the largest and most influential rubber clubs in the U.S., CRM are a bit of a fetish institution.

This isn't surprising when you consider the fetish credentials of Chicago itself. Home to vibrant fetish scenes of all varieties, the Leather Archives and Museum, and of course, the Mr. International Rubber weekend - Chicago is a legendary city of kink. The Chicago Rubbermen are proud to fly the flag for those in the city into all things shiny and skintight, and form an important part of the wider fetish community.

They're a young and young-at-heart bunch, keen to create an informal vibe that's more about the love of rubber gear, rather than cruising. That's not to say they don't know how to get down and dirty; many of their monthly events include play.

The history of the Chicago Rubbermen

The Chicago Rubbermen were initially created after the 2003 Mr. International Rubber contest, by the titleholder of the year, William Schendel (a.k.a. Rubberwilli). Due to the commitments of his title though, Schendel understandably struggled to find time to organise the club, and it wasn't until 2006 that it really got off the ground.

The first official Chicago Rubbermen meeting attracted 20 or so local rubbermen, but with new events every few weeks, the member base quickly grew. Their numbers swelled to over 100 within the first year of the club, and they still attract new members all the time thanks to their regular schedule of rubber club nights, social events and fundraisers in the city's notorious fetish venues, including Jackhammer, Cell Block and Touché.

Chicago Rubbermen events

The biggest date in the Chicago rubber calendar is undoubtedly the Mr. International Rubber weekend in November. The Chicago Rubbermen take an active role volunteering for the event, sponsoring some of the rubber parties, and organizing the used gear sale for local and visiting rubbermen alike in the market at MIR. The Chicago Rubbermen are big players at Chicago Pride and of course, support the Mr. Midwest Rubber contest that feeds into the MIR weekend.
Run by rubber-loving volunteers, Chicago Rubbermen events reflect the mood of the club at large and will often promote causes and interests from within the community. Events are detailed on the Chicago Rubbermen website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Proud of their fetish-loving city, the Chicago Rubbermen are welcoming, inclusive and eager to promote rubber fetish across different communities too, through collaborative events with leather, pup and gear groups. Find out more about the Chicago Rubbermen by dropping them a line, or chatting with members of the group within the Recon community. Head over to their website for full details on all upcoming Chicago Rubbermen events.