Fetish for Beginners: Learning about Gunge with member MUDDYMIND

Fetish for Beginners: Learning about Gunge with member MUDDYMIND

from Recon News

18 January 2017

Gunge is a fetish that is growing more and more in popularity. We chatted with Recon Member MUDDYMIND, who, as his name suggests, is very much into this slimy fetish.

Recon: For the sake of those who might not know, could you explain to us what gunge fetish is?

MUDDYMIND: Gunge Fetish is the sexual pleasure in finding yourself messy. Being covered with different textures that cover your body. The reasons are, of course, different from one person to another, but we can draw some common interests about it.

R: What constitutes gunge? Mud or other things? Is there a difference in the way to approach them?

MM: Mostly you find food, nonfood - Jlube, Natrosol, ''slime'' - and mud. Food is the easiest as it is an everyday item, and if you have a kitchen with tiles then you have all you need. For Natrosol (a thickening agent derived from cellulose) or Jlube, if you already know the world of fetish then you probably know where to buy it. There are very few suppliers and they aren't in continental Europe, so you must ship. The price is slightly expensive for the fact that it's onetime use fun, but it is worth the cost ;). Mud on the contrary is the most complicated to organise, but most liberating too! Some big sex clubs organise mud parties, though (in France, Belgium and Germany). Obviously, you can potentially have mud fun everywhere (woods, fields, parks) but watch out for the public that pass by!

R: For you personally, where's the pleasure in gunge?

MM: I only use sugary creamy stuff, mud, Natrosol/Jlube or shaving cream. I find myself happy and sexy being covered - ''dirty'' - but you also see your face getting splattered. Playing with texture that glides on your body is always great for a start. It's like someone slowly touching you with soft hands. Also, I find mixtures that shine like slime or mud very attractive; much like rubber, actually. If I use Natrosol, I like the idea of seeing myself covered with different colors, and feeling the thickness. With mud the idea of being deep and under a thick texture that is covering, soft and shiny, but also when it's covering you thickly, you have that feeling of being held or the feeling of weightlessness. With custard, pudding and other creamy substances, it's more fun and messy and you can lick your partner(s) entirely. Very liberating in fact!

R: How did you first discover a liking for it?

MM: I was very young! I would find mud attractive, when I'd see a puddle I'd just jump on it; it was as if it was calling me. I was drawn to sports like football and later rugby where mud is very common. I'd be the best tackler when a good muddy field was presented ;) When I was younger it was slightly different as I enjoyed just mud. Then I met friends at school that would enjoy these '' hazing'' games. I did it once with them and discovered melted chocolate etc ... it was kind of hot but at that time I wasn't even sexual! Also, there was a lot of shows and movies where a character would find himself falling in mud or covered in a bucket of slime. Then I saw these epic movies like Tarzan or Predator where you'd see a muscled guy all shiny and dirty in the mud or in quicksand ... and that was the click. Today I bought an apartment to rebuild in order to have a huge shower box where I can play gunge as much as I like. It's pretty cool.

R: Could you describe a gunge scenario?

MM: There's not one scenario, as usual in play, it depends on the partner, so I'll describe how I like things: depending on the gunge used I'll wear rubber, Lycra or nothing. It's also different if it's inside or outside:

Mudding outside is very exciting because of the thrill of being discovered, and the fact you are in a field or an estuary - it's like a kid being on a candy store! I would use bondage fun as it is always great to see a good sub being ''Humiliated'' with gunge or food or making him crawl in mud. I'd make sure that he's fully covered and me too (of course ). Then I'll enjoy feeling my body against his/them.

Food is fun too, as you can lick your partner and you are not afraid of kissing. The only important point, I make sure to have thick rubber condoms or one made of plastic/vinyl. As you know greasy stuff breaks rubber, so watch out!

Natrosol and Jlube are visually more appealing. You can have all the color you want and for Jlube you can mix it with edible pigment which gives a great effect! Then you can actually have colourful penetration (Ha! )

All have normally that slippery feeling that matters.

R: Is there much of a gunge scene?

MM: The scene exists but people aren't out about it. Being into gunge is still seen as a weird, even though a lot of people do understand it (or already had a blowjob with Nutella lol ). But I'm pretty open about it and a lot of people can easily figure out why it is attractive, as everyone saw mud wrestling or went to a muddy festival. Or saw Nickelodeon (for the younger ones). There are some internet sites where you can create profile and even post your own videos, but there are very few of them. Some are very generic such as UMD.net which is for straights and gays. There are, on top of these, some small parties (specially in UK) for gungers. Also some in Belgium and Germany.

Now, If you think of it, people into water sport (piss) are also to be considered as gungers in a very basic level the ingredients pf a gunge fetish are there: texture, wet feel, coloring, slippery.

R: Could you describe a gunge event?

MM: These events happens in bars that have a shower, which limits the amount of venues that can hold them. Mostly you'll find a big pool full of lube, Natrosol or mud. A party will never mix all these textures and never use food. So, either you go to a mud party or a ''gungy slime'' party. You see people in Lycra mostly or rubber. The horniest moment is when you see guys sliding to each other like snakes all covered and moving slowly, you'd also find guys pouring buckets of gunge on people or themselves. You can see the thickening slowly, covering a person and becoming shiny till totally covering - that's hot! People wrestle too or play with bondage or haze each other...

R: What advice would you give someone interested in giving it a go?

MM: Make sure you have everything you need to clean up after. Best place stays the bathroom. Start with Jlube and shaving cream as it is super soft and visually more ''neutral'', then slowly try custard and chocolate pudding. If you live in a mud area then go for a good bath! If you are scared of what people might think, then wear cycle gear and go by bicycle - no one will get that you went for it, other than for a good ride! For the safe side try to find either thick condoms or plastic/vinyl ones. Use old clothes if you don't roll in money and most importantly, let yourself go with it!!

R: Are there any gunge groups, that you know of, that guys could join?

MM: Yeah on Facebook it is full of clubs! Key words: gunge, muddy, muddy guys, messy etc.. You also have the website UMD that is the reference in gunge.