Fetish for beginners: Suits

Fetish for beginners: Suits

from Recon News

19 June 2017

The appeal of a man in a suit is fairly universal and is considered by some to be the epitome of masculine style and refinement. However, for others suits are the focus of an increasingly popular fetish scene, one that brings together men with a deeper appreciation of this wardrobe staple.

The fact that this kink is so accessible makes it good news for guys who are curious. If you want to find out more about suit fetish and how you can get involved, our guide will help.

Why suits?

It's often said that every man looks better in a well-cut suit, something suit fetish men would certainly agree with. A suit should emphasise and compliment a man's natural frame, giving a hint to what's underneath, and for many men the kink extends to other items of formal menswear, such as cufflinks, garters (sock suspenders) and waistcoats.

Suits convey professionalism and authority, and conjure images of men conquering boardrooms and closing lucrative business deals, completely in control of their own empire. Think of James Bond or Gordon Gecko - a man in a suit is traditionally powerful and magnetic. When a man dons a suit, he looks and feels manly, confident and commanding, an attractive prospect when cruising for like-minded fetish men to have fun with.

Many men wear a suit every day for work, which makes this fetish one of the easiest to indulge in – for suit fetishists the idea that no one knows you're wearing something that turns you on only heightens the experience.

For some, there is also an element of power play involved that plays on conventional office roles. A Dom and their sub can incorporate suit fetish through roleplay, along with other aspects of BDSM like being bound and gagged.

How can I get involved?

Obviously, you're going to need a suit. Most men have one or two in their wardrobe already, but you may want to consider buying a new suit specially for indulging in this kink. While you don't have to spend a fortune, it can be worth investing in the best suit you can afford and having it fitted if possible, as many suit fetish men are very particular about the quality and cut of a suit on a man.

The type of suit you choose will be personal to you, and getting involved in the scene will likely help you develop your own style. For example, 'fogies' are suit fetish men who favour an old-fashioned style of suit, such as three-piece pinstripe suits, tweed and watch chains.

Whatever kind of suit you opt for, it's a good idea to think about the details. Spending a bit more on a waistcoat with a high quality-silk lining, braces or a designer pocket square will help you stand out from the crowd. Don't forget about underwear - for many suit fetish men, the fantasy of a suit is wondering what's underneath, so make sure you've thought about every aspect of your outfit.

Once you're suited and booted, head to a suit fetish theme night or a post-work suit and tie club to find other fetish men on your wavelength. Most feature relaxed spaces to simply have a drink and socialise as well as plenty of semi-private play areas, the perfect place to cruise for well-dressed men. As you may expect however, the dress code is strict and attendees are expected to make an effort.

If you want to find out more about suit fetish, reach out to our Recon community. You're sure to find hot guys with similar interests just waiting to help you explore this, or any other kink you can think of.