Fetish for beginners: Uniforms

Fetish for beginners: Uniforms

from Recon News

13 August 2017

Many fetishes centre around a form of dress, and in this guide we're looking in more detail at the appeal of uniforms. From army fatigues to police gear, guys have been drawn to uniforms for generations, as the long-term prevalence of sexualised gear and even uniform-specific dating sites show.

Uniform fetish is one shared by many gay men, and they take their kink seriously. Here's our take on uniform fetish and how to experiment with it.

What's the appeal of uniform?

Think uniform fetish and you may picture hot Navy boys, Army officers or firemen, and you wouldn't be wrong – these kinds of uniform are popular amongst guys with a uniform fetish.

Pop culture perpetuates the idea that the kind of men who wear these sorts of uniforms professionally are strong, tough and masculine, and in many cases, they hold positions of authority. It's not hard to see why fetish men are drawn to these archetypes – they are imposing and powerful, and perfectly fit the persona of a Dom for those who like to be subjugated during play. In the military, uniforms are specifically designed to make men look and feel empowered, and to reflect rank and status, so either adopting this identity or being dominated by a partner who adopts it, can be a huge turn on. There's also an obvious link between certain uniforms and types and BDSM - policemen carrying handcuffs and truncheons, for example

Many uniformed men are also trained to follow strict rules and codes of conduct, the subversion of which can be a big turn on for guys into uniform. Taking the example of the military man further, men in the armed forces live, train and work in largely male-only environments, and it doesn't take much to picture camaraderie turning into fuckery. Generally speaking, military men are often thought of as physically fit, assertive and used to living with sexual tension, all of which can be brought to mind when encountering a guy wearing uniform.

However, these aren't the only kinds of uniform to appeal. Builders, mechanics, delivery boys and doctors all have a dedicated fetish fanbase, to name just a few, and as clothing for work, these uniforms represent duty and industry, everyday men going about their jobs. Whatever a particular uniform conveys, the recurring theme of this fetish seems to be the idea of a man indulging in acts he shouldn't be while wearing uniform.

Trying uniform fetish for yourself

The uniform types that get you going are completely personal, but it's worth giving different things a try to see how you feel wearing it. Role play is a great way to incorporate uniforms into your sex life - Doms can try out the persona of an army captain or police chief, while subs can take on the role of a new recruit.

If you want to attract other uniform fetish men, you'll need to put some effort into your outfit, though. Plastic handcuffs and a rubber truncheon aren't going to cut it with true uniform fetishists, so invest in good quality clothing and decent equipment and look after it. Check out the Recon store for wrist and ankle cuffs, leather accessories and boots.

Don't be tempted to go for cheap costume fatigues; find an army supply shop and go for the real thing. You can find clubs host uniform fetish nights, and most insist on a high standard of uniform on show, as well as a complete head to toe uniform.

At the end of the day, you want to embody the uniform archetype you're wearing, whether that's a spotless army uniform, or filthy workers overalls. Pay attention to the details to really get a feel for the identity.

As ever, we recommend taking a cue from other fetish men within the Recon community to find out more about getting it on in uniform. There's no shortage of hot guys ready to introduce you to whatever fetish you're interested in.