Fetish Problem #10: Rest for the Wicked

Fetish Problem #10: Rest for the Wicked

from Recon News

28 August 2017

Another tale of fetish misfortune from a Team Recon member

You're burning the candle at both ends. You stifle a yawn, but it's Saturday evening so you're gearing up for a fetish night out. You spent the previous night/early morning with your civvy friends. You also spent the day drinking in the park.

You're tired and maybe not at your best, but you've been looking forward to this night for weeks. Your steadily building hangover horn drives you on. You've arranged to meet a guy there. You've been chatting online for months.

You get to the club, and in your head you prowl around like a jungle cat. In reality, you stumble about like a bleary eyed drunk.

The guy doesn't seem to be about. Your phone's in the cloak room, so you can't really pursue that avenue any further this evening.

Despite your intoxication levels, you're still able to flirt your way into the pants of a friendly Italian leatherman. In your current state, you're somewhat doubtful of your ability to see a full session through, so you take him to the dark room and bend the knee.

Once you're done, you're still wanting more fun, but you're realising that maybe you should take yourself to bed. You go get your clothes from the cloak room and start to get changed. You check your phone, and the guy has messaged. He's apologising, saying that he got held up and it was too late to head out. He also suggests you could come over to his. You put your gear back on and book an Uber. Bed can wait a little while longer.

You arrive at his. You chat. You kiss. You grope. Coming over turned out to be a good idea. You fuck around his living room, then make your way to the bedroom. He wants to tie you up. You've never really done much bondage, so you're more than game.

You stand there swaying as he binds your hands. He starts to tie your chest in a body harness and you stumble a bit, but he's there to catch you. Once he's finished with the rope, he fetches a thick, padded blindfold and places it over your head. You were already turned on, but the sensory deprivation heightens things even more.

He moves you slowly to the bed and lays you down. He wants you to experience the feeling of being bound and the darkness, so he tells you to wait for his return. (He goes for a cigarette). You lie there, brimming with anticipation. Months of buildup have led to this night. You can already tell it'll be one to be remembered.

You let out a yawn and start to feel nice and peaceful in this warm, dark place…

You blink open your eyes, and your head is pounding. Not for the first time, you're naked in an unknown bed. Fragments of the night come back to you. You at least remember where you are now. You remember alcohol. You seem to remember ropes. You also remember there being a guy there.

You stumble into the living room. The flat seems empty. You see a note. It reads: 'You fell asleep. Couldn't wake you, so gone to meet a guy. Come meet us when you wake up. Keys are on the table'. You decide to turndown this kind offer, have a shower using all the nicest products, then get dressed and head home.

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