Fetish Problems #11: Phone sub neglects to scrub

Fetish Problems #11: Phone sub neglects to scrub

from Recon News

22 May 2018

Another tale of fetish misfortune from a Recon member

You're a life long proud bottom, but you've never really thought of yourself as being/tried to be a sub.

You get chatting to a hot guy on Recon. You're talking about fantasies and what you view as being your limits.

He has experience of being both sub and Dom, so he has an insight into how you might view things.

The conversation starts to ramp up. You're home alone.

The guy starts making requests. You submit.

You're stripped down to your white briefs and sport socks. Send pic.

Find some tape.

Bundle one of the socks in your mouth and tape it closed. Send pic.

Find a marker pen. You find a black Sharpie.

Write words in specific locations on your body. Sample: SLUT, SLAVE, ____ IS MY DOM. Send pic.

The requests keep coming and you're totally into it. He's just giving you a sub sample, but you're getting an insight into what you're willing to do.

More tasks. More pics. You're turned on more and more.

You've been performing demands all evening, but you've just realised the time. You should have been asleep an hour ago as you have an early start.

He gives you a parting tip. Hand sanitiser is good for removing the pen. You take this advice, have a quick wash then go sleep.

You wake late the next day. You get dressed. Grab your swimming kit. Head to the pool for your early morning swim.

You're in a rush, as you need to get in your 50 lengths before getting to the office. You pull on your Adidas short trunks and head to the lockers.

You get a few funny looks from the other guys in the changing room. You feel somewhat self-conscious. You fumble and drop your 20p for the locker. Then you look down.

Poking out from the bottom of your shorts, in thick black Sharpie are _OCK on the left leg and _LUT on the right.

Ooooh right. You wrote on your thighs too.

You take a moment facing the locker, debating the best course of action. COCK SLUT's probably not appropriate for the family leisure centre pool. You abandon the 20p. Get dressed. Head home for the sanitiser. Decide you'll do extra lengths tomorrow to make up for it.

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