Fetish Problems #14: Dismantling a piss pool area

Fetish Problems #14: Dismantling a piss pool area

from Recon News

15 February 2019

Another tale of fetish misfortune from a Recon member

I'm not a stranger to piss play and have enjoyed the odd encounter, but it's never been my bailiwick.

It's definitely not something I want to engage in at 6am at the end of a fetish event, when I'm tired and have been working 24 hours straight. When it comes to dismantling the piss area after a busy fetish event, It's the one job most people shy away from.

Over the years, there has been a certain amount of trial and error when it comes to dismantling a wet area that has been pissed in for hours at an event of 1300 people. I personally don't want to be covered in cold piss, I don't want to ruin my shoes, and I certainly don't want to be charged by uber for making the seats soggy and for making the car that's come to pick me up smell like urine.

The first time I helped dismantle one, me and another guy stood there looking at the pool for about 15 mins, gloves in hand thinking about how we were going to do it. It did not go well. We got pretty drenched and the memory of the squelch sound my soggy trainers made as I walked home will always haunt me. I've also had to drag a sack of piss through the streets of Vauxhall looking for an industrial bin to dump it in, find a drain so I can empty the contents and cut up the plastic sheeting to make it easier to dispose of (which often got a few stares from early commenters).

So how does one best get rid of a piss pool area?

Firstly, gloves. Latex gloves work best, and I generally like to double up.

Remove any large obstructions such as bathtubs and large pools to clean outside and cut down any plastic that had been secured to a wall or fence. You will also need and empty plastic bin nearby (preferably large).

Start by folding the corners of the plastic piss pool in on itself letting out the air as you fold inwards, take your time doing this – you don't want to do this too quickly as you'll get sprayed or hit in the face with the strong stench of piss.

Keep folding until you have a sack of piss with hardly any air in it. If the wet area, is big enough and enough plastic has been used you can fold the plastic in on itself a few times and there is less chance of the piss finding a stream like route to escape. You can remove the various beer cans and discarded lube packets, but I personally don't bother.

Put the bin on its side- the rookie mistake being that you'll try pick up the sack to put it in the bin and two disasters can occur, you drop the sack and the golden liquid goes everywhere because water weight is actually heavier then you think. The second mistake is the plastic slips from your hand because you can never get a good enough grip on the wet plastic with latex gloves on.

You then want to slide the plastic into the bin sideways, ensure that the heavy bottom of the sack goes in first, and this is much easier to do with a round dustbin. Once the majority of the sack is in the bin, have two people lift up the bin vertically and push the remaining plastic into the bin, removing any trapped air. You may wish to use your foot to do this.

The piss pool plastic can now be transported, moved and disposed of much easier now.

It in inevitable that you will get some piss on you, but if you can limit it certainly make the last 2 hours before you are at home a little more bearable.

Some other tips from colleagues who have dismantled piss areas include:

• Getting fully undressed in front of the washing machine and put everything, including trainers straight into the wash. Have a dedicated pair of piss trainers
• Have a spare shirt – Just in case
• Find a piss enthusiast sub and let them earn the privilege of sorting out the piss area at the end of the night.

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