Fetish Problems #17: A Tail of Misfortune

Fetish Problems #17: A Tail of Misfortune

from Recon News

02 September 2019

A tale of fetish misfortune from Recon member T1gerdude

A big fetish party was coming up and I hadn't jerked off for about a week because I've been exhausted at work. So, when the big night came, I was feeling really horny. All I wanted was to get drunk and make bad decisions. Now I don't drink often so I don't know my limit or how to manage it. I began with a few drinks at home to get a buzz. I went to put on a revealing rubber pup outfit, but it felt like something was missing; a tail. Problem was, all my tails were insertables. It was a bad idea, but I was all for it at that stage, so I lubed up the big tail and slid it right in before heading out to the party.

I arrived at the party and it's fucking great. I had a buzz going, I was flirty and there was a sizeable tail massaging my prostate. After a couple of hours, the buzz began to fade so I went to get a drink at the bar. I downed it and got back to the action, but I wasn't feeling it just yet. Why not get another? After that second drink, the buzz came back and I was having a good time dancing, making out with guys and feeling them up. Then out of nowhere the alcohol hit me all at once. I realised I was drunk off my ass, but I was having a great time, so I tried to keep it going despite being wasted. I asked guys to take me to the bathroom and turn me into their bitch. I wanted cocks in my hands, in my mouth, up my ass; just about everywhere on and in me really. I took my tail in and out to show guys I was loose and lubed up, ready to go but they saw I was drunk as fuck, so I got nothing.

Then one of the organisers asked me if I wanted to dance on stage. Drunk me thought this was a great idea so I got on and starting dancing like a madman. I was vogueing and twerking my ass off. I felt like I was on top of the world and so I decided to duck walk. This was a mistake. After 3 hours with a plug in, my ass was loose. I dropped into a squat and the tail shot right out my ass. It bounced off the stage and into the audience. I'm as shocked as a man who just had $90 of medical grade silicone flop out his ass onto the dance floor. It landed next to a girl's feet, so I jumped down quickly snatched it off the ground, all while apologising profusely. I was worried she had been hit by a warm and slick canine prosthetic. One of my friends later told me he saw it smack her on the shoulder but thankfully she laughed it off. Embarrassed, I excused myself to the toilet and quickly slipped it back in before re-joining the party.

At this point, I was starting to feel sleepy and my drunken madness was finally coming to an end. I downed quite a bit of water before leaving with a friend. Sadly, my misadventures did not end there. After I collected my bag from the coat check, I couldn't find my phone. I turned my bag inside out before finding it but forgot to put the tail back in. I must've left the tail on the table or the floor, but I only realised it after I got home. I asked the staff if anyone found it but sadly it never turned up. I guess someone threw it away or nicked it for their own pleasure.

Rest in peace, tail of shame. You gave me a night out that I will never forget.

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