Fetish Week Screening showing two great documentaries

Fetish Week Screening showing two great documentaries

from Recon News

28 May 2016

At last year's Fetish Week London we held the first ever Fetish Week Screening, and it was a great success. This year we felt like we wanted to make the event even bigger, so instead of just one film we'll be screening two great documentaries for your viewing pleasure.

When selecting the films we'd present, we wanted to find ones that would have relevance to the modern gay fetish lifestyle, as well as provoke discussion. With this in mind, we came across two films that we felt fit this bill – 'Interior. Leather Bar.' and 'Chemsex'.

'Interior. Leather Bar.' is a documentary/drama that recreates the production of notorious thriller, 'Cruising'. Actor/director James Franco attempts to recreate the missing footage that was removed from the film - that portrayed gay sex in the titular bar. In the process, highlighting the progression made in LGBT representation in mainstream media, as well as the issues that still exist today.

'Chemsex' focuses on the rise of the party and play lifestyle that has spread across all sections of gay London. This often frank documentary gives a voice to many men who have felt the impact of this sometimes harmful trend, and shines a light on the impact it's having on London's gay community.

Following the screening of 'Chemsex' we will be holding a post-show chat with guys who were involved in the documentary. This will be a great opportunity to share your views and learn more about this issue.

To get tickets for this one off event, select the link below.