Final thoughts from Featured Member, StarFFuck76

Final thoughts from Featured Member, StarFFuck76

from Recon News

04 March 2015

It's time to say goodbye to StarFFuck76 as Featured Member. We contacted him to ask for any final words on his experience. Here's what he responded with, writing a response in French, English and German – we knew he had skills in fisting, but who knew he was such a cunning linguist:

"As I knew that I would be the featured member of the Recon site this month, I thought, we'll see! Of course, I was really happy about this, but I never thought I would have so many visitors and receive as many messages! So I would like to begin by thanking all those who wrote to me. Every day it allowed me to discover new faces, new super horny guys and establish some new friends. Now new doors are open in front of me:-p

I'll do my best to visit them soon. All well and good, but I really want to meet these exciting guys and to live unforgettable nights! Now it is time for me to travel and I thank Recon for this opportunity and this incredible experience."

Our pleasure, StarFFuck76, our pleasure!

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