Flip the script with Recon - Signature Rubber V2 now at the Recon Store!

Flip the script with Recon - Signature Rubber V2 now at the Recon Store!

from Recon News

18 July 2014

After a long wait, we're very happy to finally introduce Signature Rubber V2 at the Recon Store.

The original Signature Rubber range was one of the most popular rubber ranges we've ever carried at the Recon Store - so much so that the decision to renew the idea for another season was a very simple YES!

Since then, we've seen our Signature gear all over the world, worn by many different people at many different events. During the design process Recon Signature Rubber V2 has been engineered and customised countless times to be a perfect rubber fit, with subtle identifiers so that people will know you're a Recon devotee. The base of all the gear is made with semi-trans black rubber, at just the right thickness to fit perfectly and to show a tantalising glimpse of the goods below…

The jeans, jock and shorts have all been developed to work in perfect conjunction with the new Snap Braces. With or without a top, these braces will really add an amazing finish to your gear! The jock has a clever built in snap for a cockring so when you whip off the cod piece, you'll be in perfect position for action. Click the image to jump to the Signature Rubber V2 section to find out even more about this amazing gear and add it to your collection TODAY!