Full Fetish London 2015 – Pup Area

Full Fetish London 2015 – Pup Area

from Recon News

03 December 2014

WOOF WOOF! Be more pup at Full Fetish London, back at Fire on Friday 2nd January 2015!

For all you pups who've been good, or all you owners who want a place where you can let your pups off the leash, this year Full Fetish London is creating a puppy play area at Fire!

There'll be a fenced off area with new AstroTurf that won't be harsh on pups paws, a pup house, and additionally to this party, a pup handler! This means that owners can leave their pups in the care of a trained puppy professional, whilst they go for a drink or just take a load off!

We'll also be stocking up on some special treats for pups who come to the party (as long as they're well behaved), so this is definitely an event that'll have your pups' wagging their tails!