#FWL2015 – Sports Cruise Party. Get sweaty and hard!

#FWL2015 – Sports Cruise Party. Get sweaty and hard!

from Recon News

11 June 2015

Have you ever looked around a locker room and fantasised that all the sweaty, hot guys were not only checking each other out, but getting up to some filthy action? Well, we're more than happy to make that sleazy day dream a reality at the FWL2015 Sports Cruise Party!

On Thursday 16 July 2015 we're bringing the biggest sports gear cruise party back to The Hoist, for all you guys who like your fetish fresh from the pitch/pool/gym/mat/etc.

Football, rugby, wrestling, trackies, trainers, Lycra, boxing, swim, jocks, cycling, super hero, baseball, American football – if it's active and it gets you off, get the gear on and get down to The Hoist. This is one occasion where it's definitely ok to have a hard cock bulge in your gym shorts whilst looking at the other lads.

The Hoist will be fully open, so even bigger than last year, and we'll be decking it out with loads of sports equipment and gear to make it look right out of your wank fantasies.

This is going to be a sweltering party, where we expect you to push yourself to your limits and beat your personal best for sleazy action with hot sporting men!

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