#FWL2015 – What a week!

#FWL2015 – What a week!

from Recon News

29 July 2015

Straight off the bat we want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who attended Fetish Week London 2015 and made it such a huge success! After eight nights and 12 official events everyone in Team Recon is STILL mostly held together by filthy memories and filthy memories alone, but it was all made worthwhile by the great response we received from guys in attendance!

The week got underway with the opening party, which also happened to be Recon's 15th Birthday. Taking place on HMS President, a decommissioned WWI warship, this was a suitably grand location for our celebration of 15 years of leading the fetish evolution. There was a brilliant cross section of guys all decked out in different types of gear, and it felt like a perfect representation of Recon and our members. We might have ordered a few too many Recon cupcakes, though - we're still working our way through the last of them in the office.

The Monday brought the Fetish Week Screening, where we played up the cinematic theme of FWL2015 and had a viewing of the Tom of Finland documentary 'Daddy and the Muscle Academy' at Ham Yard Hotel. The film drew a nice crowd to this incredible, one of a kind venue. The entire hotel is designed exceptionally, with quirky art and decorations dominating the venue. This made for a brilliant contrast to a movie about one of the godfather's of fetish. Guys came and socialised in the screening bar before and after the film and the atmosphere was warm and brotherly.

Cinematic arts weren't all that was new to FWL2015, we also introduced visual arts with the opening of a Fetish Week first in Fetish on Display - an art exhibition at Strand Gallery showcasing work by various fetish artists. The opening night was a great success, with many people coming down to see the pieces, including an instillation by Matt Spike called #VirtualSexuality. This performance piece incorporated a live model connected to electrodes, video footage and mixed media, and was something new and exciting for FWL.

This year the Fetish Week Dinner was held at Counter, Vauxhall, and did the guys at Counter ever pull out all the stops! The food was exceptional, with a specially created menu, and entertainments were provided with an aerial bondage display and a warped performance art piece that needed to be seen to be believed (check out the gallery to get a taste of what we mean). The staff were warm, friendly, and geared up themselves, and everyone who attended had a great time.

On the Saturday evening we headed over to Elephant and Castle to The Coronet for the main party of the week, Full Fetish. The party was massive, with so many guys geared up and ready for filthy action. There was kinky play going on all over the place. Wherever you looked there was sleaze, and it made for a most memorable night. The DJs provided a great soundtrack and actually managed to get a large crowd on the dance floor as the night progressed – which is no mean feat when guys have kink and fetish on their mind!

There were so many incredible moment between 12 – 19 July that it would be difficult to reference everything, but what we can say, again, is a huge thank you to everyone who took part – attendees, volunteers, Recon staff, venue staff – you all made it one hell of a Fetish Week, and one that will be remembered.