FWL2018 Dresscode with Clonezone

FWL2018 Dresscode with Clonezone

from Recon News

30 June 2018

Fetish Week London parties have a strict dress code. Clonezone – The UK's Original Gay Superstore – gives us a breakdown on what to wear.

You'll want full breeches and leather uniform, biker gear, or kilts. Leather jocks, shorts and har-nesses are also popular choices. Denim jeans are acceptable if worn under chaps or with leather boots and a leather top or vest.

CZ: All of our leather gear is Mr. S Leather, available online and in our Earls Court Branch. As well as a huge range of Mr. S Leather, we stock our own Titus brand and from April will be stocking OZ brand Army of Men.

You have plenty of options with rubber, from catsuits to jocks. Aprons can create an industrial look, while masks and hoods build the mystery.

CZ: By the time Fetish Week London 2018 comes around, we will offer a basic range of rubber suits, shorts, vests, t-shirts, leggings and harnesses. Be sure to come instore and check out what we have to offer for this ever-popular fetish!

Full football and rugby kit, American football, boxing, or cycling gear all work! Feel comfortable in scally gear, trackies and trainers, sports jocks and harnesses, or indulge your inner superhero in Lycra.

CZ: Barcode Berlin and AD Fetish are featured above and are available in all CloneZone branches. We also stock a wide range of jocks, singlets, socks, shorts, harnesses, American football shorts, tank tops etc. from a diverse range of brands including Jockfighters, Cellblock 13, Nasty Pig, Do It! Wear, Addicted and our own brand Fetish Gear as well.

Get your hair cropped, shaved or in a Mohican. Bleachers and a polo shirt are classics. An Alpha In-dustries jacket, boots and braces create the traditional hard look.

CZ: Boot up in Grinders which we have available in all stores and several styles. Get your hands on other skinhead accessories we have available such as braces and laces.

Pups can use elements from other fetishes, such as leather harnesses, shorts and knee pads. It's all about attitude and the way you play. Pup tails, collars, leads, hoods and masks are also key.

CZ: Mr. S Leather, available online and in our Earls Court, Manchester and Birmingham branches has a great selection for pups. Leather pup mitts, leather pup wrist strap, neoprene cyber vest, ne-oprene lace-up football shorts and neoprene pup hood (available in all stores). We also stock sili-cone pup tails and a large range of both pup focused gear and gear that appeals to pups.

Full uniform from any of the services: air force, army, navy, ambulance/medical, police, SWAT or fire brigade. Work gear, overalls and hi-vis jackets also get the job done.

CZ: Why not try our leather police shirts for cool leather uniform look?

Gear up for FWL2018 in store at Clonezone (Soho, Earls Court, Man-chester and Birmingham) or online, shipping Worldwide at Clonezonedirect.co.uk