FWL2020: Welcome to Fetish Week London

FWL2020: Welcome to Fetish Week London

from Recon Events

04 March 2020

Someone asked me "Do you guys ever stop working? You always seem to be travelling or doing an event somewhere". The answer is… No, we don't!

Team Recon are always busy, but I say this with a smile, as we love what we do. All events come with challenges, but Fetish Week London comes with more challenges than everything else combined.

Our goal is to always keep improving the experience for those who attend, so for FWL2020, we sought input from these same people. The plans for this year have been shaped by comments from the survey that suggested each party should be given a chance to shine.

So, we took this advice… We've pared down the schedule to remove clashes, and introduced a new event that we know many of you have been craving…

Fetish Week officially begins on Sunday 12 July with the Recon Members' Party. I'm happy to say that we're heading back to the much-loved Café de Paris. There will be games, giveaways, prizes, live performances, and – most importantly - an open bar! Remember, it's an "Invite Only" event so you'll have to apply.

Monday 13 July is your day to shop. The fetish stores of London are producing new gear and stocking up on all the supplies you need to get you through the week. Then on Tuesday 14 July the Masterclass takes to its new, bigger home at The Bishopsgate Institute, where we've got five different spaces. This allows for more than just horny demos. We're also introducing a series of new kink workshops, discussions and a screening of the Fabio Motta (@mottaart) documentary.

For the first time during FWL2020, we're bringing the Recon Fetish Cabaret on Wednesday 15 July! It's one of our most fun and social events, where almost anything can happen. A combination of comedy, burlesque, cirque and acrobatic performers will entertain a packed house of geared up guys.

Which brings us to our newest party. The leather community is a cornerstone of the fetish scene, and the lack of a dedicated party has often been spoken of. We've taken this onboard, and this changes in 2020 with the introduction of a leather only party on Thursday 16 July. The dress code is in the title, but it'll be open to all forms of leather gear – from newbies in jock and harness, to leathermen in full Laglitz..

Rubber Gear on Friday 17 July provides a place for hard-core rubber fans to socialise and misbehave. The rubber community's vast, and this party's always been a great opportunity for guys to catch up with friends as well as make new ones in the darkroom…

As always, Full Fetish is the main event, this year returning to Great Suffolk Street Warehouse with an improved layout, more production and a fantastic line-up of DJs, including Manuel Carranco, ZOLA ST, Rob Wall and Doug Faulkner (check the DJ page for details). The venue allows us to create the largest play area we have all year, we with the aim of having something for everyone to enjoy.

Sunday 19 closes out Fetish Week with, for me, the sexiest party – Sports Cruise. I'll definitely be showing off some new Lycra!

"WHAT???" I hear you cry. "No pup or skinhead events?"
Don't panic, you'll still get them. The Backstreet will be hosting this year's Skinhead social, again on the Saturday afternoon, and the Mr Puppy UK guys will be hosting something exciting. Check the listings for more information.

I want you guys to come out, gear up, socialise, see the guys you've been cruising online, hook up, fuck, and have fun celebrating at Fetish Week London. Have a good fucking time!

By Antoin AKA: ajfs71