Get a taste: Underwear

Get a taste: Underwear

from Recon News

21 November 2017

We've added Underwear as an interest category on Recon, and as fetishes go, it's one of the most accessible. Millions of men wear one form or another every day, but for some guys, underwear is much more than simply the first item of clothing they put on in the morning.

If you've never considered its fetish appeal, here's our introduction to the kinky side of underwear.

Underwear as a fetish

These days, there is a staggering variety of underwear styles for men, from cut and style, to fabric and finish. Guys can choose from briefs, boxers, trunks, bikinis, thongs, long-johns and jockstraps in a multitude of cuts, in every day materials such as cotton or bamboo, and more classically fetish fabrics like leather, latex, rubber and Lycra.

Both big name brands and niche menswear labels have realised that many men want more from their underwear, and as a result the choice available has exploded in recent years. Far from being purely functional, today's underwear is designed to look and feel great, and many styles are designed to enhance the natural appearance of a guy's physique. Being relatively inexpensive, it's not surprising that many men have built up extensive and experimental underwear collections.

For some men into underwear, it's more about what others are wearing or have worn; the fetish can focus on guys in underwear or the underwear itself. Many guys like sniffing and tasting worn underwear – either whilst still being worn or after being removed - while some guys find wearing underwear during play, such as a jockstrap, a massive turn on. Tighty whities are also really popular, owing to their classic nature, and the fact they can go semi-translucent when wet with piss or cum.

Underwear's appeal can also be due to the fact that even the kinkiest styles can be worn under clothes every day, while those around you are none the wiser. Knowing you're wearing a leather zip jock under your suit at the monthly board meeting can be a huge turn on.

Some brands, such as Nasty Pig, are fully aware of the fetish appeal of underwear, and they construct their jocks and briefs with fetish men in mind. They also include fetish fabrics – such as neoprene – into some of their lines, making them doubly appealing for kinky guys.

Underwear nights

Underwear fetish nights are a great way to dabble with this kink, and many clubs and bars host events for true underwear fetish devotees and kink newcomers alike. Attending one of these means all eyes are on just one thing, so make sure your underwear is up to scratch.

Many guys say that being almost naked in a public place alongside like-minded guys is surprisingly liberating, and a great way to cruise. Before you attend your first underwear night, however, make sure you know the etiquette.

It could be worth investing in some statement underwear if you want to impress, or sliding into an old, favourite pair that give you confidence. Some guys like to take a fresh pair to change into when they get there, others like to wear underwear they've worn all day – it's all about what turns you on personally.

Underwear nights tend to be pretty light-hearted, so be prepared to have fun. Remember that plenty of guys will be nervous about wearing only underwear, or will have been at some point, so just relax and enjoy yourself.

On a practical note, consider getting a zipped armband for your phone and wallet, this is far more effective than tucking your stuff into your socks. Also, think about your footwear, as it'll be the only other item of clothing you'll be wearing. Things like jocks and sneakers go well together, but at the end of the day, wear what makes you comfortable.

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